A few Days before the Election, Donald Trump wants to “Stay on point”

A few Days before the Election, Donald Trump wants to “Stay on point”

Just six days before Election day, Donald Trump still tries to repair what is left of his campaign. During a rally in Florida, the Republican presidential nominee admitted that in order to be victorious, he might do well to “stay on point” and focus on what he wants to say. No more of his own ideas. Just read the prompter and ignore everyone else who might want a piece of him. Don’t answer to challenges, because they might not end well.

Donald Trump thinks he has finally found the key to success

At the last rally of a series of three in Florida, Donald Trump told his supporters that this is his plan from now on. To stay on point. He also said that they only have to play it nice and cool and they will win the White House.

It may be surprising for some that Trump has only now realized this fact. You would think that his campaign would have told him from the get go to stay focused on only what he has to say, without deviating the subject or introducing some minor insults in his speech. It is indeed great that he had this revelation, but it might be a little bit too late. You cannot undo in six days what you have built in a year.

Hillary Clinton, the archenemy

But of course, Trump could not help himself and talked about his opponent, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. He told the supporters that he has been watching her for the past few days and he has come to the brilliant conclusion that she seems unhinged. So he, in return, must not be like this.

What Donald Trump did during this last rally in Florida seemed more like an internal monologue. We are not sure why he did not do this in front of a mirror at home, but we are guessing he needed some eyes watching him. For reassurance. He even concluded his speech with the word “nice”, which he prolonged, like a signal that he had done a good job. You know when you pat a dog on his head and call him a “good boy”? This was fairly reminiscent of that.

A difficult week for the Democratic nominee

But Donald Trump’s belief in himself comes after a pretty difficult week for his opponent, Hillary Clinton. News cycled around Clinton’s use of a private email server back when she was secretary of state. Also, the FBI’s review of those. He did talk about this too, saying that he feels he could win now.

The fact that he said that he needs to stay on point was obvious during those last three rallies. He did not deviate from the subject as much as he did before. Even before he decided to participate in the presidential election, he was unstoppable. He would say everything that came to his mind out loud. Now, he seems to have changed a bit, controlling himself more. Which is a good thing. But again, it comes very late. The cards might have been already thrown on the table. We will see who wins the game soon.

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