Electoral College officially selects Donald Trump as the President of the US

Electoral College officially selects Donald Trump as the President of the US

On Monday, the Electoral College officially selected Donald Trump as the new president of the United States. However, the voting process did not lack unexpected events, because some electors chose to vote for someone other than Trump or Hillary Clinton. They also voted for the vice-president.

The “faithless electors”

The Electoral College voted on Monday for Donald Trump, officially appointing him to the post of president of the United States. However, in the College there are the so-called “faithless electors” who cannot support a certain candidate. In consequence, many of them chose in the past to even cast their vote against their party or did not vote at all.

After the Texas vote, Donald Trump managed to gather the necessary 270 votes. Many citizens and Republicans applauded the result of the vote. Outside, there were people waving signs and chanting “Save our democracy!”. They were trying for the last time to change the outcome of an already established and final decision.

Worries of a different outcome

The Electoral College choose Donald Trump as the president, despite worries from the Republican part, that the outcome might be different. According to some reports, many voters received threatening e-mails and phone calls ordering not to cast their vote for Trump. These people maybe thought that they had enough chances to somehow change the result of the Electoral vote. If this would have happened, then the decision would have fallen into the hands of the House of Representatives. This year, this did not happen.

Some anti-Trump groups were saying that around 34 Republican voters were not going to vote for their candidate. However, many of them were rumored to have been afraid of the consequences of such an action. So, they decided to not pursue it. In Texas, they expected a huge number of voters to betray Trump. Still, in the end, they were not as many as initially thought.

A betrayal in the Democratic camp

Maine Democratic elector David Bright told everyone in advance that his vote would not go to Hillary Clinton, but to Bernie Sanders. He explained that he has nothing against Clinton, but he wishes to encourage young Democratic Maine voters to continue on this path. One which Sanders opened for them. The problem is that in Maine, the electors need to vote in favor of the person the elector supports, meaning Hillary Clinton. This is the reason why Bright might receive a fine for his action. However, he did not manage to fulfill his plan because his initial vote was deemed improper. He then was forced to vote for Clinton instead, as he was officially required to.

Also, a voter from Minnesota who was supposed to vote for Clinton refused to do so. They immediately replaced him with someone else. The same thing happened to a voter from Colorado. Even if there were minor issues with the voting process, Donald Trump ‘s official appointment as the president of the United States was not ever really subject of debate.

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