Elon Musk says that Robots will do every Job in the Future, which will lead to a Universal Income

Elon Musk says that Robots will do every Job in the Future, which will lead to a Universal Income

During a Friday interview, Elon Musk talked about some issues at SpaceX. But apart from that, he addressed another very interesting problem the world might be facing soon. The automation and how robots will probably replace all human jobs in the future. Musk should know better because his company, Tesla Motors is working on a completely self-driving car. His concern is that the workers who will no longer have jobs will need some kind of help. His proposal is a concept which appeared a few times in some conversations, over the last years: the universal basic income.

Universal Basic Income

The idea behind this Universal Basic Income is that in the future, people will receive a regular salary which will cover their basic needs like food and clothes. This concerns especially the technological industry. As the years pass and robots will become more and more advanced, the need for human workers will be highly reduced. This will lead to many jobless people, hence no money. So, in order to avoid an international crisis, this universal basic income solution might be some kind of an emergency exit. Also, it will probably avoid huge economic and social instability. This is also what Elon Musk talked about in his interview.

The population fears this robot-era which has already begun. In factories, as we all know, robots are doing most of the manufacturing work. But soon, the creative one might be done artificially too. For example, some media companies already want to use Artificial intelligence to create news.

There might be a good side to this

Elon Musk also said that, in his opinion, the fact that so many people will have a lot of free time might spark some creativity. They will invent, compose or create things. Moreover, their creation might prove useful to the big companies. So there will be a circle, beneficial for both parties. Also, people’s health will probably be better since they will no longer be stressed and will not be in any danger.

Moreover, this basic income solution might even deal with the homelessness problem. People will be able to survive without working. Also, the poverty issue which some countries are dealing with right now will be a thing of the past. But still, at this point, it is all mere fantasy. Firstly, the rate at which scientists should create robots which will be able to replace humans should be enormous. Secondly, it will take a lot of time for people to acknowledge that they are no longer needed. Thirdly, it will be bizarre for most of them to just stay at home and receive money, as some people will not accept that they will just have to survive. Lastly, this will be a very hard to implement measure at a global scale and it will require hard work and preparation.

Humans will merge with robots?

Elon Musk also said something which raised some eyebrows. He stated that in the future, we might need improved symbiosis in order to merge with artificial super intelligence. This means that it is possible that sometime in the future, scientists will be able to create human-robot hybrids. But this is again, fantasy at this point. We will just have to see where the discussion is going from here. But from now, humans are not going anywhere.

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