Emma Watson has been hiding Books all over the London Subway

Emma Watson has been hiding Books all over the London Subway

Recently, famous British actress Emma Watson, known especially for her role in the Harry Potter franchise, has been hiding books in the London Subway. The reason for her initiative? To encourage more and more people to read. Good job Emma! Good job!

Her own book club

Earlier this year, Emma Watson started her own online feminist book club called “Our Shared Shelf”. And the book she has been hiding at the metro is part of her book club’s selection for the months of November and December. The book is called “Mom & Me & Mon” by the late Maya Angelou.

An interesting campaign

Is seems like Emma is a princess in real-life too, not only in her much expected “Beauty and the Beast” live-action movie, where she plays Belle. Or is she a fairy? The idea is that she resembles Belle a lot and she too, like the famous Disney princess, love books. The actress left 100 copies of the book at the London Subway on Tuesday, for commuters to find. But why is she doing this? Well, it seems like Emma partnered with the Books on the Underground organization for their campaign. The aim is to make people red more on the subway while they are travelling. And to also encourage them to pay it forward, by leaving a book of their own. This way, someone else can enjoy it too.

She posted the whole process on Instagram

Those who were so lucky to find the books hidden by the actress could also read a special note from Emma. She wrote them herself and put them in every copy of the book. The actress even filmed herself hiding one of the copies on subway and later posted the video on her Instagram account. She took photos too, which she posted on the Internet.

According to Emma Watson, this book is one of her favorites. It talks about a very special connection between a mother and a child. Also, about how they managed to grow their relationship over time while keeping that bond and that love alive for years. She also said that people who are going to find the books should share their opinion of it.

“Beauty and the Beast”

But even if she encouraged people to leave the book at the subway after reading it, it is almost impossible that they all will. Some of the books will undoubtedly end up in online shopping websites and will be sold at exorbitant prices. This would not be nice, because Emma’s campaign would have been in vain. But as much as we would like to believe in the fairytales we are reading in those books, the reality is much darker. And people are not always good ones.

Emma Watson ‘s upcoming movie, a live-action remake of the classic 1991 tale of “Beauty and the Beast” will hit theaters in March, next year. Yesterday, Entertainment Weekly has made public the first images from the movie. They are depicting Emma as Belle in her iconic yellow dress. Also, Dan Stevens can be seen in his beast attire for the first time.

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