Extreme Court To Rule On ‘Travel Ban’

Extreme Court To Rule On ‘Travel Ban’

On Friday a Federal Judge suspended President Trumps Travel ban executive order. This suspension allowed migrants to flow back into the country from the seven countries that were listed on the executive order. At this time thousands of immigrants are flooding the country under the dangerous policies that were enacted under former President Obama.

The Trump Administration has until Monday 3 pm pacific time to submit legal briefs to the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals. It has been reported that the court will act quickly. A request for an immediate suspension of the judge’s temporary restraining order was quickly denied by the appeals court but said it would “consider the government’s request after receiving more information.

The Attorney General for the State of Washington Bob Ferguson that filed the suspension petition said:

“We have a checks and balance system in our country, and the president does not have totally unfettered discretion to make executive orders as he chooses,”

The administration states that the president has the authority under the “authority to control the border and that the law allows suspending the entry of any class of foreigners who would be detrimental to US interest.”

President Trump took to Twitter furious that his executive order was suspended.

It will be likely that a ruling on the travel ban will come down from the 9th Circuit this week. The outcome is fairly predictable, the 9th Circuit is one of the most liberal in the country; they will deny the ban. It will be interesting to see how President Trump will respond. When the Obama administration was told to cease the illegal immigration camps he simply ignored the order. I wouldn’t put it past President Trump to do something extreme like ban all immigrants from entering the country to spite the judges. Hopefully, he won’t do something so foolish, but he doesn’t like to lose. Whatever happens, I’m sure President Trump is ready for the fight and will keep working towards the will of the people.

Source: Reuters