The Fate of Donald Trump after the Election, regardless if he wins or not

The Fate of Donald Trump after the Election, regardless if he wins or not

No matter whether he wins the election or not, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has done something maybe even bigger. Among the disputes, the issues, the insults and the scandals, there has been a ray of light in his campaign. He got people to listen to him. And we have to admit that even if he will not be the next president of the United States, Donald Trump’s campaign will not be forgotten. His temperament and behavior, the way he talked during the debates, the way he attacked Hillary Clinton, the controversy he sparked and the comments he made. They will all go down in history, whether we like it or not.

People listened. This is all that matters

And Trump knows this too. On Monday, he reflected on his presidential campaign during one of his final rallies, in Florida. The Republican nominee said that critics are calling his campaign “the greatest movement in the history of the U.S.”. An honor for him. He also added that his efforts in this presidential race have made people more aware of a “rigged system” and “rigged election” than anyone ever did. According to him, these things will not be in vain and will stay in the memory of many, long after the election. Trump said that he will get credit, no matter if he wins or loses. And this is the most important thing.

Donald Trump still thinks that he will win on Tuesday. At the rally, he reminded everyone about the large number of people who will vote for him in states like Michigan, Minnesota and Pennsylvania. Also, he admitted that he is counting on miners and steel workers who lost their jobs to come out and vote for a change. Interestingly enough, he says that he is absolutely sure that many women will vote for him, despite the accusations of groping and sexual assault he has been facing recently.

After weeks of trying to stay as close to the script as possible, now Donald Trump let loose and talked from his heart. He promised people in Florida that if he wins, everybody will win with him. He joked by saying that they will get sick of winning all the time, and that things will be too good.

What if he wins?

But where will Trump be if he wins the election? Well, his inauguration will take place on January 20. Until then, he will need to set up his stuff at the White House. Then, he will start working on those policies he promised during the campaign. Let’s just hope that he will not build an actual wall between the U.S. and Mexico. That would be too Game of Thrones-like.

What if he loses?

If he loses, he already said that he might not accept the results. But supposedly, Trump is planning to launch a media outlet. It will be a mix between FOX News and Breitbart news. Also, “Trump TV” might be in sight, with a launch set in four months-time. Even tough Trump denied such rumors, it is entirely possible that he just does not say it because it will imply that he will lose the elections. But everyone is curious to see if Trump will continue a career in politics. Analysts have repeatedly said that Trump is “more a businessman than he is a politician”.

We will see where the future takes him. If it will be in the Oval Office or somewhere in one of his Trump Towers eating ice-cream and wondering where he went wrong, when he’ll see Hillary Clinton on the TV.

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