Shocking Fire Kills Toddler and Injuries Family

Shocking Fire Kills Toddler and Injuries Family

It seems that a fire which took place on Friday in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, happened because of a recharging hoverboard, according to the authorities. It killed a three-year old girl named Ashanti Hughes and severely injured two other people and a fire official. The authorities also reported that one of the victims actually jumped from the second-floor porch in order to get away from the fire. The fire officials rescued two other females and a man by ladder.

Fire caused by hoverboard

The three-year old girl reportedly died at the Lehigh Valley Hospital- Cedar Crest on Saturday morning. The other two girls are still not in a very good condition. As for the man and another teenager who was also in the house at the time of the fire, the hospital staff treated them and let them go home. Moreover, the fire indirectly caused another victim. 21-year old Fire Lieutenant Dennis DeVoe was just on his way to the scene of the blaze when a reportedly stolen vehicle hit his own, in an intersection. The Hershey Medical Center received DeVoe in a pretty bad condition. The police managed to arrest 18-year old Khanyae Kendall, who was driving the other vehicle, shorty after. Unfortunately, recent reports are stating that DeVoe died at the hospital because of severe wounds.

According to Fire Chef Brian Enterline, the fire started accidentally, because of a hovercraft which was recharging on the first floor. The entire family was close to the device, hence the victims. They reportedly heard weird noises coming from the hoverboard, like sizzling. Immediately after, it exploded and the people did everything they could in order to save themselves. Enterline also said that those hoverboards are a rather famous source of fires. He actually advised people to stop buying cheaper brands of hoverboards. Those are not safe at all and can cause serious trouble. Fire officials reportedly had to deal with lots of such cases recently, since hoverboards have become so popular. Teenagers are the ones who use them the most, it seems.

The first fatality caused by a hoverboard

The authorities are stating that this is actually the first time someone died because of a fire caused by a hoverboard. In the United States, that is. Actually, back in July, over 500,000 such hoverboards were recalled after the safety commission deemed eight Chinese models unsafe. According to them, their batteries were overheating during recharging and could have caused fires.

For now, it is still unclear if the fire officials managed to identify if the hoverboard that caused the fire was one of those Chinese models. Scott Wolfson, a Consumer Products Safety Commission spokesman, said that they have investigated over 60 fires caused by hoverboards, since 2015. He also advised people who may want to buy such a device that the hoverboards should have the inscription “Underwriters Laboratories standard 2272” on them. Only those are the safe ones, according to the fire prevention safety standard. Apart from that, he stated that nobody should use a recalled hoverboard, even if apparently, it works fine. There is a reason why they have been taken out from the market.

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