Role of First Lady changed by Ivanka Trump

Role of First Lady changed by Ivanka Trump

Donald Trump’s 35-year old daughter Ivanka has been very present in her father’s presidential campaign. Now that he has won the election, her every move is closely analyzed and sometimes criticized. Like that instance when she was with her father at various meetings with important leaders of the world. Some people have said that she should not have attended them and that she is seeking her own interest. Especially in what regards her businesses. Others have opinionated that Ivanka might be preparing for a bigger role than that of first daughter has ever been.

A different perspective

Ivanka Trump is executive vice president for the Trump Organization. Apart from that, she also has her own businesses with clothes and jewelry. Donald trump has often said that his grown-up children are part of his transition teams and are also his closest advisers. However, Ivanka has always been something more and her father has said that she might be coming to the White House with him after the inauguration. This has raised some eyebrows and made people wonder what her role will be. It is entirely possible that she might be some kind of first lady in the making, working on policies and fighting for the rights of women and children.

This idea came by when Melania Trump said that she will not be moving into the White House right away. She reportedly needs to take care of their youngest son. According to the Trumps, he will be finishing his school year in New York and after that they will move to Washington. Ivanka ‘s husband, Jared Kushner has also been an important part of Trump’s campaign. He organized it and took care that everything ran smoothly. He also has a real-estate and construction business.

The past

In the past, first daughters have had some kind of social roles to play at the White House. Harry Truman’s daughter Margaret would help her father while her mother, Bess Truman was at home. Martha Jefferson Randolph took on the role of first lady because her mother was already dead long before her father, Thomas Jefferson, was appointed president of the U.S. Daughters, nieces and sisters have at times represented the role of the first lady. However, if Ivanka ‘s role would be that of an official adviser too, that would be a first.

Moreover, rumor has it that she and her husband are searching for a house to buy in Washington D.C. Also, and that she might want an office at the White House just for her. Nobody knows for sure, but if she will play a double role, both the social and the official one, Ivanka might prove to be the most powerful first lady ever. Also, someone who might revolutionize the role of the first lady and first daughter.

All in all, we will soon find out what Ivanka Trump will do as the first daughter. Still, if Melania Trump does not wish to be a very important part of her husband’s career as president of the U.S., maybe it is a good thing that Ivanka wants to step in. After all, it is better to have an unofficial first lady who wants to be a part of it all, than an official one who would rather wish to stay away.

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