Former President H. W. Bush Hospitalized

Former President H. W. Bush Hospitalized

Former United States President H. W. Bush was reportedly hospitalized in Huston, on Wednesday, according to his Chief of Staff. At 92-years old, he is the oldest former U.S. President still alive. He is now in stable condition and doing well. Bush is also reportedly going to leave the hospital and go home in two days.

The elder Bush

The reason why H. W. Bush was put in hospital was not disclosed by his Chief of Staff but more details are going to be made public later on Wednesday. The last time he was in hospital was in 2015, when the former president fell and broke a bone in his neck at his home in Maine. Back in 2014, he was also hospitalized for seven weeks and his diagnosis was pneumonia. In his recent years, Bush has been using a wheelchair in order to make him move faster. And since he turned 90, his public appearances have been very rare.

In 2015, he was sitting in his wheelchair and had a neck brace when he tossed out the first pitch at a match between Houston Astros and Kansas City Royals. In 2016, he went to his library at Texas A&M University in order to attend a ceremony where a former Republican Kansas senator received a public service award. It also marked the 75th anniversary of Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor. Earlier this month, H. W. Bush and his wife, Barbara Bush, celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary. They are actually the presidential couple who has been married the longest, beating John and Abigail Adams. They were married for just 54 years. The Bush family tied the knot in 1945, at the First Presbyterian Church in Rye, New York.

The glory of a former U.S. president

H. W. Bush was the 41st president of the United States, from 1989 to 1993. Before that, he was a valued United States ambassador to the United Nations. Moreover, he was also chairman of the Republican National Committee and even director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). In 1980, his presidential ambitions were cut short. After that, he became president Ronald Reagan’s running mate and ended up being vice-president. In 1992, he decided to run again for president but he was defeated by Bill Clinton. He was elected president in 1988 and stayed in office for four years.

H. W. Bush and his wife Barbara have six children. The most famous of them is former Unites States President George W. Bush. Another son is former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. The latter also had presidential ambitions. He wanted to become the Republican 2016 nominee but he eventually lost out to president-elect Donald Trump. Him, along with his well-known sons are convinced Republicans.

H. W. Bush was a president who sought to bring back the traditional American values. His aim was to make the country more gentle and kinder. The world was changing when he was in office, so he had to do everything he could to not let his country get out of control. He was not the most popular president in the American history, but he has written a page like any other president, that will forever be part of history.

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