Four people dead on a Dreamworld Park Ride, on the Gold Coast

Four people dead on a Dreamworld Park Ride, on the Gold Coast

According to reports from the authorities, four people have lost their lives today in a horrible incident. It all happened at the Australian theme park Dreamworld. The Thunder River Rapids ride flipped and those people became stuck in the conveyor belt of the ride.

How it happened

At first, the authorities could not confirm if the people really lost their lives or if they only had some injuries. What the police initially said was that four people got seriously injured, but not fatally. The authorities came at the popular theme park to investigate what really happened. The conveyor belt of the ride was supposedly what trapped and sadly killed the people, but the police did not confirm it at first. According to them, this is a “critical incident”.

Some early reports were saying that it all happened while the staff was repairing a ride. But a spokesman working at Dreamworld denied this, by saying that the ride was fully functional when the tragedy took place. Reportedly, two men and two women were killed, all in their late 30s or a bit older. But until now the police has not identified them. More, a coronial investigation has begun, to reveal the exact cause of their deaths.

The Thunder River Rapids ride

The Thunder River Rapids ride is not dealing with its first incident, unfortunately. Back in April, authorities closed the ride for an entire weekend after a man almost drowned in it. This particular ride is a water-based raft one. The Gold Coast’s mayor, Tom Tate, has spoken about the tragic incident. He deemed this day as a “truly sad day” and said that everyone should pray for the families of the victims. Also, he said that an investigation is ongoing and the authorities will do everything they can to find out what really occurred.

Visitors do not consider the Thunder River Rapid ride dangerous. It is actually a family ride, and even two-year old children can enter it. Six passengers sit in a craft which goes down a foamy water track past the Gold Rush Country, at moderate speed. It has existed for 34 years, and many people on social media platforms expressed their sadness. They said that they all have cherished memories of this ride.


24km north of the Gold Coast and 55km south of Brisbane sits The Dreamworld Theme Park. It is maybe the biggest such theme park in Australia and the most popular one. Furthermore, the theme park is now closed to the public, and will remain so until further notice.

In conclusion, everyone was extremely saddened by this unfortunate event. The staff and visitors all agreed that this was one of the most loved rides at Dreamworld. One for the entire family. It is truly sad that such a tragic incident happened. A technical problem caused it and now, the police is investigating the ride. They want to determine the exact course of events. Everyone’s thoughts and prayers go to the affected families of the four victims.

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