Fox News Dismisses Rumors Hannity is Stepping Down

Fox News Dismisses Rumors Hannity is Stepping Down

Fox News Channel dismissed rumors that its prime time star Sean Hannity is stepping down in the aftermath of co-president Bill Shine’s ouster. Hannity jumped to Shine’s defense when he heard about the resignation, and many people thought he might be next. Shine had to leave the company after reports that he had helped Roger Aisles and Bill O’Reilly cover up their misconduct.

Fox Dismisses Rumors As ‘Completely Untrue’

A spokesperson for the network said the rumors about Hannity were “completely untrue.” The Daily Beast was the first to claim Hannity was on his way out. The Fox News host confirmed he was not leaving on Monday afternoon when he retweeted an article that showed he was not “negotiating for an exit” from the network.

Hannity also said that he would make an official statement. Earlier Shine resigned amid charges that he helped shield Fox News employees caught in sexual harassment scandals. The former top executive allegedly also led smear campaigns against O’Reilly’s and Aisles’ accusers.

Last week, the New York Magazine found that the Murdoch family refused to back Shine publicly. But people familiar with the matter said Shine had never asked for public support from the Murdochs.

Hannity’s first reaction to the news was on Twitter, where he wrote the departure could mean the beginning of the end for Fox News “as we know it.”

Hannity speculated that at a “higher up” might try to get Shine fired. Hannity thinks his former boss is “innocent.” Hours later, he tweeted the hashtag “#Istandwithshine.” The first hashtag was “#Istandwithbill,” but Hannity made a correction because there is more than one Bill at Fox News caught in a scandal. Bill O’Reilly was forced out in April amid sexual harassment allegations.

Hannity Is Also in Trouble

Hannity himself is in hot water after one of his former female co-workers accused him of inviting her in a hotel room years ago. His accuser claims that when she said no, he refused to invite her on his show ever again.

His accuser, Debbie Schlussel, said in a recent interview that Hannity hit on her while he and Shine were on a business trip to Detroit. The woman claims the duo “treated her horribly.”

Schlussel also accused Hannity of using inappropriate words when addressing her. He reportedly told her that they were going to “double-team” debate with a second guest. She said that “this kind of stuff” is the daily routine at Fox News.

Several days later, Schlussel said she didn’t accuse the Fox News anchor of sexual harassment. She acknowledged that the charge is a very serious charge under the law, but she added Hannity acted really “weird and creepy.”

Hannity fired back and called his accuser a “serial harasser” and her allegations “a complete fabrication”. He even threatened to file a lawsuit against her. Recently, he bragged about his army of attorneys specialized in “libel, slander, defamation, tortious interference”.

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