GIF Button Tested for Twitter

There seems to be a new GIF button tested for Twitter.

Following the model of Facebook and other social media platforms, the new GIF button tested for Twitter might bring more excitement to the virtual world. Some users of the Twitter mobile application have reported seeing a new button meant to send GIF images. The feature has disappeared in the meanwhile, but we can only believe that the company is currently testing its newest feature yet.

One of the most popular social media platforms of our days, Twitter is proud to have over 320 million active users each month. If the new GIF feature will be implemented, the number is expected to grow, as people find it easier to express themselves by using moving images.

It seems some users have recently noticed a new dedicated button located between the camera icon and the poll icon on the Twitter app for Android devices. According to Phil Pearlman who had the chance to see this happen, the new button would offer users the option of selecting trending GIFs and sharing them. Pearlman managed to post a screenshot of the new feature before it disappeared. Other users have reported the same sighting.

Twitter has yet to comment on the new feature, but it seems more than probable that we will soon have the GIF option on the social media platform. The GIF images have started gaining popularity in 2014 and their use does not seem to slow down. Originally an important feature of websites like Tumblr or Pinterest, the files have become part of platforms intended for socialization as well, like Facebook. Another messenger application that will include GIFs with its next update is Kik, which has over 275 million users that are registered.

Apart from their entertainment purpose, GIFs can also be used by advertisers to promote their products or services. Whether Twitter is pursuing the dual utility of GIFs remains to be seen.

Twitter and other similar companies are known to perform secret tests of new features and only later on give official announcements. Those who are interested in the GIF button will probably have to wait for a couple more weeks, but it looks pretty sure that the update will be implemented. However, it may have different launch dates for different platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone).

The new GIF button tested for Twitter will surely record the success of other social media platforms, especially if it will give users the opportunity of posting the moving images as reactions.

Image Source: PBJ