Google Will Personalize Ads

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The search engine will now personalize ads.

At the core of Google is advertising.  The company has introduced a new tool which lets users choose the kind of ads they want to see.

Google and third party sites hope to get more specific targeting out of this new option. The tool permits users to select which commercials they want to mute and which ones they want to enjoy. This is done by choosing the area of interest out of a given list, which can be improved with new topics.

The topics closely resemble user activity on indexed sites, like YouTube videos watched, but it won’t include Gmail topics, which will be separately used for advertising on the e-mail service.

Currently, the topics only apply to YouTube, but in future Google hopes to expand this option to cover other sites too. Gender and age group information will help the search engine determine which ads to deliver.

Completely removing ads is impossible for now, but look on the bright side: the ones that do remain will match your interests. If you want to block a specific ad, all you need to do is sign into your Google Account, click or tap the info icon and choose “stop seeing this ad” for YouTube or “block this advertiser” for Gmail.

Google warns that blocking an ad won’t stop the advertiser from sending you different ads, as some advertisers have more than one website.

Google has come up with a more user-friendly and legally safer approach to ads. It did this because of the larger amount of sensitive data that Google works with, compared to Facebook, Google’s main competitor. Both key players now have their own privacy application.

The new user section for customizing ads will also feature secondary controls, which will allow users to specify what type of ads they like and on what devices they want the ads to run. For example, blocking embarrassing ads for herpes creams is going to be easier.

Additionally, Google now has an integrated overview user activity page. This means that all past activities, services, and devices are now on the same page, making it easier to personalize ads or erase embarrassing activity.

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Image Source – Pixabay