GOP Displeased with Trump Over Way He Handled Comey’s Firing

GOP Displeased with Trump Over Way He Handled Comey’s Firing

Even Republicans that supported president Donald Trump in his decision to sack FBI Director James Comey have criticized the president over the way he handled the entire affair. The Republicans who want Trump to push for important legislation in the coming months are concerned he just blew up his chances of doing it and put at risk the party’s majority in the lower body of Congress.

Execution of Comey’s Termination Was “Terrible”

The GOP is also concerned that Trump’s actions following Comey’s ouster have undermined the rule of law and the country’s democratic processes. And the situation cannot be mended even if the Trump-Russia connection is proven false.

Trump’s political supporters also voiced concerned over Trump losing momentum due to his reckless decisions. One lawmaker noted that the new administration is gaining grounds in tax reform issues slower than before.

RNC member Henry Barbour underlined that if the GOP and the country’s leader manage to offer Americans better economic prospects and personal security, the Comey affair would be nothing but a “footnote”.

People just want Washington to deliver results and this is our chance to do that,

Barbour added.

However, Trump’s abrupt firing of Comey without a coherent explanation has made it harder for Republicans to deliver results. A former House assistant noted that the “execution” of the firing was “terrible, as usual”.

Trump’s Conservative Supporters Disgruntled

Other Republicans, who decided to speak on the condition of anonymity, were far more critical. One of them noted the Comey’s ouster could spell the doom of Trump’s agenda. “My hope is fading by the day,” the lawmaker said.

Republicans are concerned that Comey’s termination would just make the Russian story worse. Also, the rest of the world was just given a glimpse of “incompetence and naiveté” coming from the Oval Office, a conservative lawmaker thinks.

Republicans added that the mishandling of Comey’s situation could “suck up all oxygen” the Tea Party needs for real reforms such as dismantling Obamacare and pushing for a new tax reform. Trump’s conservative backers want from him to get things done, but the task has just became impossibly harder.

Meanwhile, Comey’s removal has rattled the Democratic base as well. Democrats are now even less likely to lend Trump a hand in passing big-ticket items through Congress.

If the GOP fails to pass the Obamacare replacement and a tax reform in the next few months, Trump’s supporter base will start to shrink and lose courage. This aspect along with an encouraged left will be the perfect mix to force many congressional Republicans out of their seats in the 2018 mid-term elections.

At this pace, Democrats will likely take Congress next year, and Trump’s decision to fire Comey just gave them enough ammo to do it.

Trump’s conservative supporters are also aware that Comey’s firing was an attempt to derail the FBI’s Trump-Russia probe. They think that the scenario isn’t going to end well, regardless of what happens next. “This is not a normal president. These are not normal times,” a former state GOP chairman said.
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