“ Gotham City Sirens “ Movie to reunite Harley Quinn with other Villains

“ Gotham City Sirens “ Movie to reunite Harley Quinn with other Villains

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the director of “Suicide Squad” David Ayer is going to keep making movies belonging to the DC Universe. The latest news is that he will most likely direct a new one called “ Gotham City Sirens “. This movie is going to reunite many DC villains, most of them female. This includes this year’s sensation, Harley Quinn, played by Margot Robbie.

Gotham City Sirens

For those who are not very familiar with comic books, they must know that there is a comic which bears this very name. It is still uncertain whether or not the movie is going to follow that narrative, but it will most certainly draw from it. We might even get to see a new live-action version of Catwoman and even Poison Ivy. The director David Ayer will most likely helm a sequel for “Suicide Squad”. It will reportedly be about Will Smith’s character Deadshot and his villainous ways before entering the squad.

Still, “ Gotham City Sirens “ is bound to happen sooner or later. They would be absolutely mad to not profit from the immense success and popularity of Harley Quinn. And the DC is ahead of Marvel by a lot when it comes to female superheroes and villains. Let’s not forget the solo movie for Wonder Woman. Marvel has its “Captain Marvel” female-centered flick, but it will not come out too soon. And DC is known to not follow a very traditional recipe when it comes to sequels. Their movies have different titles even if they are indeed follow-ups. So it would not be too weird to consider “ Gotham City Sirens “ the sequel to “Suicide Squad” with only one common character: Harley Quinn.

A controversial issue

This new all-female supervillain movie might answer one burning questions in the minds of every fan: who is really Harley Quinn? Is she the strong, badass villain from the Suicide Squad? Or is she the submissive, enamored girl who follows Joker everywhere? This has been a controversial situation in the eyes of many after seeing “Suicide Squad”. Still, people should know that their weird relationship has not been made like this only by the movie. Their connection is far more unhealthy and abusive in the comics. So, in this movie she might get to be her true self, surrounded by other women like her and with no Joker influence around. That is, if he will not make an appearance.

Scripted by a woman

“ Gotham City Sirens “ is going to have its script penned out by Geneva Robertson-Dworet. She is also the mind behind movies like upcoming “Tomb Raider” reboot with Alicia Vikander and the next Sherlock Holmes installment. The movie is expected to bring back both Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law as Sherlock and Watson. Also, Margot Robbie herself is going to be an executive producer of the movie together with David Ayer.

It will be interesting who is going to appear in this movie apart from Harley Quinn. If done right, it might open up a new way for other all-female movies. Especially superhero ones.

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