Hillary Clinton Diagnosed with Pneumonia

Hillary Clinton Diagnosed with Pneumonia

On Sunday, her doctor revealed an unexpected result: Hillary Clinton diagnosed with pneumonia. The news arrived a few hours after the nominee didn’t feel well during the 9/11 memorials. She even exited at one point because of the state of her health.

Even if Donald Trump was silent during the commemorations, many voices will most probably begin to criticize her health and her capacity to be president of the United States.

In a statement, dr. Lisa Bardack stated that “she was put on antibiotics, and I advised her to rest and modify her schedule.”

Hillary Clinton diagnosed with pneumonia. It may sound strange but apparently it is the truth. Dr. Bardack tended to her at Clinton’s Chappaqua home on Sunday. Clinton’s associates avoided to answer why her diagnosis wasn’t revealed on the same day she needed to exit the 9/11 memorials, on Friday that is.

Health problems affecting her campaign?

Clinton’s campaign was immediately affected by this. Hilary’s trip to California was being scrubbed and a campaign spokesman said that everyone who wanted to attend the Francisco fundraiser was free to do it. The candidate was going to join them in a teleconference.

Clinton’s health problems came into discussion on Sunday as she appeared to be dizzy and even stumbled while exiting the 9/11 commemorations. She required the help of some Secret Service agents in order to get into a van parked outside. She then went to her daughter’s apartment nearby. Initial reports from the campaign stated that she just felt “overheated”.

Hillary Clinton diagnosed with pneumonia might be one of the strangest titles we’ve read. But there are some interesting videos of her leaving the 9/11 memorials. In those, Clinton can be seen stumbling and clearly struggling to walk by herself. Two law enforcement officials stated that she looked like she was about to faint when some Secret Service agents helped get into a black van. For some, these would be clear indicators that the “Hillary Clinton diagnosed with pneumonia” title may not be that strange after all. She was seen leaving her daughter’s apartment a little before noon and she told journalists that she was “feeling great”.

It’s not a first

Last week in Cleveland, Hillary Clinton suffered a two-minute coughing fit. She blamed everything on allergies. Trump allergies, to be more specific.

“Every time I think about Trump I get allergic,” she joked.

But Trump and his campaign are saying that Clinton’s health issues are far worse than what she’s telling everyone. He is saying that her pneumonia diagnostic is false. He even claims to know that she has suffered seizures. But Clinton’s personal doctor is absolutely sure that the candidate is fit and well prepared to be president. And to be honest, there is no clear evidence to prove that she is indeed as ill as Trump makes her look.

During an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show, Clinton said that all those claims about her health are nothing else but “wacky strategies”. She advised to not trust everything we read in the papers and hear on the TV.

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