Hillary Clinton acknowledged Trump’s Victory in private

Hillary Clinton acknowledged Trump’s Victory in private

On Tuesday night, when the election was not over but the results were kind of intuitive, mister John Podesta went on stage. He did not announce Hillary Clinton’s victory. Instead he said that there would be no concession and sent everybody home. He also reassured the supporters that it was not over and Clinton could still win it. And they cheered. Moments later, it was officially announced that Donald Trump had won the election and he is the new president of the United States. Tears started rolling down many faces.

She conceded privately

According to reports, Hillary Clinton chose to concede to Donald Trump in private, as she called him after the official announcement. Trump confirmed that too. To call the conclusion dramatic for the Clinton campaign would be an understatement. It was shattering. Weeks and weeks of hope and trust disappeared in a few hours.

Clinton’s supporters are devastated

Many of the Clinton supporters are saying that they are now terrified. But they acknowledged the fact that Trump might have struck a chord in some people’s hearts. His ideas, misogyny and xenophobia appealed to the masses. Unfortunately, according to them, this is the world we live in and we must accept it. But this does not mean that most of the Americans have made the right choice.

The winning party if Hillary Clinton would have become president was supposed to take place at the Javits Center. The stage on which she was supposed to climb was decorated in advance with the shining outline of America, along with four huge flags and thousands of balloons. And people waited there in vain for good news. They never came. And neither did Hillary Clinton. Suddenly hope was shattered and people started crying, from little kids to old people.

Fear crept into their minds

When asked how they felt, many supporters admitted that they are afraid. Afraid for themselves, for their kids and their future in the United States. Everyone expected Clinton to be the first ever female president of the U.S, to make history and to bring something better for the country. But history is written by the victors, and it seems like for now, the line of male presidents continues.

A supporter from New York which showed up at the event said that he thought that Clinton would win by a big margin. Nobody expected her to lose like this. And the fireworks were not lit last night.

The Clinton supporters were expecting a tight race at most, with some changes in the key states, but never a defeat. But to be honest, no matter which one of them won, they would not have been very popular. Donald Trump will not be a popular president. As the Democratic supporters put it, it is a vote for hate and discrimination. And the people of America did it.

All in all, it is only natural for them to be sad and disappointed, as Trump’s supporters would have been had he lost. But this time it is different. This time the whole world is not only disappointed but shocked. What we all have to do now is wait. The conclusion arrived. Let’s see the follow up of it.

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