Hillary Clinton‘s concession Speech is a Sour Farewell

Hillary Clinton‘s concession Speech is a Sour Farewell

On Wednesday, Hillary Clinton held her concession speech in front of her supporters. At first, she was supposed to give it around 9:30 a.m. But when people waited for her for more than two hours, they soon realized that they might be waiting in vain. And nobody could blame her for the late arrival. She lost a race which a few weeks ago seemed already won.

Hillary Clinton was supposed to become the first female president of the United States. She was supposed to rewrite history. She did not manage that but she did something more. Hillary made so many people, especially women, realize that they are worthy, they are strong and they can fight against anything. As she did it so bravely against a campaign turned into a movement promoting sexist and racism. Some might say that what she did was to endorse democracy. She encouraged supporters to cherish the American Constitution and to respect the law. And above all, to not fight with each other. United we conquer, divided we fall.

The ever so gracious Hillary Clinton

Many people who were against her expected tears. She did not offer them satisfaction. Instead, Hillary Clinton was optimistic, composed and very rational. She even said that we should offer Donald Trump the chance to rule and to see what he will do. She argued that everyone should welcome him with an open mind.

The speech was even harder to give considering the circumstances of her defeat. But once again, she proved everyone wrong and talked warmly, thanking her supporters and acknowledging the need for a change in the United States. She admitted to being disappointed as she felt this emotion surrounding all of her supporters too. Hillary apologized for not being able to reward the efforts and love so many people put into her campaign and into her dream.

No tears, no tears at all

Even if all of the people gathered there were in tears, she kept her composure. Even Tim Kaine, who was her running mate, seemed extremely nervous and broken. But not Hillary. By admitting that this outcome hurts a lot, Hillary proved once again that she is the strongest one. She even attempted a few jokes which only proved how broken she must have felt. This time she did not cough at all. She seemed to have forgotten every external factor and was so focused on keeping her voice strong and steady.

There was only one single moment when she seemed that she might burst into tears. And that was when she talked about women and especially young women. She declared that nothing has made her prouder than being their “champion”. And Hillary Clinton held her speech in a way that seemed like a sour farewell. Not that it means she will retire right away, but that was no doubt, a farewell to the White House.

Maybe next time

Hillary Clinton wanted to achieve a piece of history. She did not succeed because sometimes, the outcome of a situation does not depend on us. But she did something more important than that. She paved the way for the future female president of the United States. That time will undoubtedly come, and when it will, people will be ready. People will support her and do everything for her to be able to break that thick, hard ceiling. Until then, we will have to adapt. This is what matters now.

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