Is Hillary Clinton planning to run for Mayor of New York?

Is Hillary Clinton planning to run for Mayor of New York?

The beginning of the year brings us some rather unexpected news, or should we say, rumors. According to a source, Hillary Clinton, in a discussion with a top Democrat representative, supposedly said that she is thinking about running for the post of mayor of New York City. Now that would be really interesting.

Not excluding the possibility

The undisclosed source stated that during that same private discussion, Clinton said that many New York Democrats are pressing her to run against the current mayor of New York, de Blasio. So, she is not excluding this possibility. De Blasio’s term will be finished at the end of this year. And it is interesting that until now, no Democrat has decided to challenge him for the post of mayor of New York. Back in 2013, de Blasio was the clear winner, but since then, his popularity became increasingly lower among the people of New York. This was mainly because of his law enforcement probes regarding his fund-raising campaigns.

De Blasio has long been a friend of Hillary Clinton and of her husband Bill Clinton too. At some points, he even worked for both of them, separately. However, their friendly relationship grew colder during the 2016 presidential race. This happened because initially, he did not want to support Hillary Clinton.

What would this mean for Clinton?

To be the mayor of New York is considered by many the second most difficult job in the United States, after being the President. However, if Hillary should decide to enter the race, this might just throw her back into the game. Still, many people familiar to her are very reserved in what concerns an eventual such decision. Many are calling it merely “a political dream”. Others are saying that even if the mayor of New York is considered to be such an important figure, this would be a step backwards for Hillary. After you almost win the presidential race, you need to retire in full glory, not try and find other solutions to go back into the spotlight. You run for president, you lose, you end it all. This is how it works.

So, what is next?

As for what Hillary Clinton will actually do next, things are still engulfed in a grey cloud of smoke. Her campaign did not respond to those rumors and a close friend of her said that for now, Clinton wants to focus on helping children and families in need. She also said that nobody expects her to run for any position ever again. One of de Blasio’s spokesmen denied to comment on these recent rumors about Hillary Clinton.

It is interesting to note that in the presidential election, Clinton won over 80 per cent of the votes in the city. This is especially bizarre as Donald Trump’s home city is in fact New York. He was born in Queens. Still, if she decides to run for mayor, could she be eligible? Apparently, yes. The law says that a candidate must become a resident of the city by the time the election starts. She moved to New York back in 1999, when she ran for the United States Senate. She now lives with her husband in Chappaqua, New York.

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