Hillary Clinton talks for the first Time since losing the Election

Hillary Clinton talks for the first Time since losing the Election

On Wednesday night, Hillary Clinton spoke publicly for the first time since she lost the election to Donald Trump, about a week ago. She spoke in Washington, at a Children’s Defense Fund event. Hillary Clinton could be seen fighting the tears and being very emotional. She told her supporters that they need to fight, no matter what, even if the loss still hurts.

A better country

At the event, Hillary Clinton admitted that being present and talking about this situation was not easy for her at all. She confessed that at times, after the devastating loss, all she wanted to do was

curl up with a good book, or our dogs, and never leave the house again.”

Hillary Clinton talked about how the election of Donald Trump makes children who are not white fear and feel like they are vulnerable. During her twenty-minute speech, Hillary Clinton urged everyone to keep fighting for their rights  She said that what happened should be taken as a test. Nobody knows what the future holds, but one thing is certain. Kids should not be afraid of getting out if the house because they are different or have darker skin. Also, kids with disabilities should feel normal and welcomed into the society, not rejected.

“The people’s president”

Hillary Clinton was introduced on stage by Marian Wright Edelman, president and founder of the Children’s Defense Fund. During the introduction, Edelman said about Clinton that she is

“The people’s president, the first woman to win the popular vote.”

Hillary Clinton said that she felt very disappointed with the outcome of the election and found herself wondering if America is really the country she thought it was. But everyone must fight to make it a better country. After all, the president is not the most important factor in this. The people are, and they should make a stand and change things for the better. She told people that after the election, she talked with a girl from Nevada. She was extremely afraid that her parents were about to be deported, now that Trump is president. So there is a general feeling of fear spread in the entire country. And it should not be like this.

The FBI problem

According to some reports, Hillary Clinton blamed her loss on the letter from FBI director James Comey. In that written announcement he said that they would continue the inquiry regarding her emails sent from a private server, which were leaked. The problem is that he chose to do this with just eleven days before the election. This might have hurt her chances to win. The situation might have changed the minds of many, who thought that someone who is under an inquiry is not fit to be president of the U.S.

What is interesting is that this event on Wednesday was the one she and her husband also attended back in 1992, after he won the election. So could this mean the end of Hillary Clinton’s career in politics? She did not say anything about it, but people might start thinking about this.

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