Hope For Diabetes Sufferers: The Artificial Pancreas

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2018 will be a milestone for diabetes sufferers .

2018 will be a milestone for diabetes sufferers as the first artificial pancreas will be ready until then. This gives hope for diabetes sufferers. The artificial pancreas will allow diabetes patients to monitor their levels of blood sugars and then inject the right insulin quantity.

The gadget will be attached to the person’s clothing and it’s going to monitor glucose levels and give insulin as required, using patches on the skin. In the US, almost 1.25 million adults and children have type 1 diabetes. This type of diabetes happens when beta cells from the pancreas fail to produce insulin – the hormone which removes glucose from the blood and transforms it into energy for cells.

Currently, patients have to monitor their glucose levels and inject insulin even five times a day, to keep glucose under control. Insulin injections are commonly used for insulin administration. However, levels of insulin to be administrated depend on the patient’s activity and diet levels.

The scientists who developed the artificial pancreas mixed two existing devices: glucose monitors and insulin pumps into an automated system, called an artificial pancreas. Users have seen trials of the product as a vacation from diabetes management, because the system manages blood sugars efficiently, without constant monitoring by the user.

The gadget was successful in managing diabetes and at the same time reduced the amount of time patients had to spend on monitoring fluctuating levels of sugar. The device may replace the need for pancreas transplants in future. The pancreas will be available for the public by 2017 in the US and by 2018 in the UK and Europe.

This is a premiere for the artificial pancreas, as former devices could only be worn for short periods of time. The new pancreas will be worn for up to 6 months.

The device is being assessed on different properties, such as the speed of action, reliability, accuracy of monitors and even cybersecurity, to prevent it from being hacked.A clinical study is underway, to confirm findings and to measure the quality of life for patients over a period of six months.

There is now hope for diabetes sufferers. Do you suffer from type 2 diabetes, or do you know someone who has it? Do you think this artificial pancreas will help you to cope with diabetes better? Please leave a comment below and tell us what you make of it!

Image Source – Pixabay