How To Talk To Alzheimer’s Patients?

woman with alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s and dementia are a growing concern in America.

How do I talk to Alzheimer’s patients? This is the burning question on many Alzheimer’s patients’ friends and families minds. Alzheimer’s and dementia are a growing concern in America.

Alzheimer’s is a condition of the brain which progresses to dementia in its advanced stage. The disease cannot be treated or cured. The best way to deal with it is to live an active lifestyle that will help keep your brain and body healthy.

Scientists have a few tips that everyone who deals with an Alzheimer patient should be aware of. Patients with Alzheimer’s don’t remember many things. So you shouldn’t debate with them. Contradicting them can make things more stressful and worsen the situation.

Also, try to accept their reality, They sometimes don’t remember who died and who lives. If the ask to visit a dead relative, avoid the truth with answers like “We can go next week” and change the subject.

Another good advice is not to give instruction. Instead, make the person feel useful by asking them to help. Everyone wants to know someone needs them. Ask for help with the dishes, for example.

Even if the patient is a close relative, always introduce yourself when you enter the room. Otherwise, these people may have a shock if someone suddenly enters the room.

Another bad idea is to quiz the patient by asking “Do you remember me?”. This can upset the person a lot.

You should always keep a calm voice, talk to the person by the name, make eye contact and offer reminders, such as showing pictures of yourself or closed ones.

Most people who develop Alzheimer are 65 years and older. Causes are not fully known. They include a combination of lifestyle, environment and genetics.

Learning a new skill may improve memory and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s. Elderly people who developed a new skill improved their memory and other brain functions.

You could learn to play a new musical instrument, or try to learn a new language.  The skill has to be new, something you’ve never done before. This way, you can take advantage of the full positive effect of your brain maintaining optimum functions.

How do you feel about this subject? Do you know someone suffering from Alzheimer’s?

Image Source – Pixabay