ICE Agents Trying to Enforce the Law Surrounded! Choas Ensues

ICE Agents Trying to Enforce the Law Surrounded! Choas Ensues

On 1/25 President Trump signed the executive order regarding immigration and the deportations of illegal immigrates. On Wednesday when Garcia de Rayos went to check in with ICE she was taken into custody. Garcia de Rayos was here illegally but had to been deported as a result of the Obama policies.
Not long thereafter protesters surrounded the Customs Enforcement office and an ICE vehicle that was assumed to be transporting Rayos. Here is the video:

Around 9 pm Police arrived on scene and the protesters from the Puente Arizona group began to leave. Despite this, some protesters continued to block the vehicles and seven people were arrested. Protesters claimed they would remain as long as the family remained.

Ray Ybarra-Maldonado whom is the lawyer representing Garcia de Rayos said that:

“It has 100 percent to do with the executive order, Her case is no different than the last time she checked in. The facts are 100 percent the same. The only difference is the priorities for removal have now changed.”

A statement from ICE stated that in 2013 an immigration judge found Rayas had “no legal stance to remain in the US and issued a voluntary departure instructing her to leave the country.” ICE official as stated that Rayos has a 2009 felony conviction for criminal impersonation.

It is unfortunate that Garcia de Rayos is finally being deported from the US after being allowed to stay here as long as she has. However, if the laws were enforced like they should have been this wouldn’t have been an issue at all.