Before Inauguration, Trump will hand over Businesses to Sons

Before Inauguration, Trump will hand over Businesses to Sons

On Monday, president-elect Donald Trump made the announcement that just before the inauguration, he is going to pass his businesses to his older sons. Also, he said that his companies are not going to strike any new deals while he is president of the United States.

Trump focuses on his presidency

He announced the news through Twitter late on Monday. Trump specified that he will be leaving his businesses to his adult sons, Eric and Donald Junior who will be in charge, along with the executives of the companies. It was first announced that the president-elect was going to hold a press conference this Thursday. Now, it seems like this conference was rescheduled for next month. It would be his first since he won the election. Many have advised Donald Trump to give up on his businesses while he is president, in order to avoid any conflicts of interest which may occur.

Everyone pretty much knew what he was going to do. Still, there was something new in his tweets. The fact that the companies are not going to be doing any new deals while he will be in the office. He stated that the reasoning behind his decision is his wish to focus completely on his presidency. Also, he stated in a tweet that this is the most important thing in the world right now. However, Donald Trump omitted to mention his older daughter Ivanka and what she is going to do. She is working at the Trump Organization like her brothers. Many expect her to be filling the spot and some of the attributes of the first lady. She will reportedly advise her father, along with her husband Jared who is a very trusted helper of Donald Trump. He also organized his campaign.

This does not please critics

However, Donald Trump ‘s recent move does not please critics. According to them, in order to be completely in the clear as president, Trump should totally distinguish himself from his businesses, even sell them. Even if he will not have any power of decision anymore, he will still be the owner of all those companies. So, there will always be a cloud over his head.

Some officials have said that the initial Thursday conference was supposed to offer Trump the opportunity to explain his recent decisions in regards with his team. However, it seems like the choosing of his Cabinet took him longer than expected. This was part of the reason for postponing the conference.

Ethical questions

Another worry connected to Trump and his transition process had to do with ethic. More precisely, his companies’ deals in many countries and Trump ‘s relations with various world leaders. Tis could spell trouble for the country when he will officially become president. An example of this happened in November. He was in the middle of his transition process and he just took a business break to meet with some partners in India.

All in all, it looks like Donald Trump ‘s transition is full of controversies and will most likely remain so for quite some time.

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