Increasing Sugar Taxes for Better Health

Increasing sugar taxes for better health is the best measure one could take for the people.

Health officials are considering increasing sugar taxes for better health for all citizens of the world. The measure seems to be suggested in the current situation of the obesity epidemic. Several countries have already introduced this measure hoping to convince people to consume less sugar.

Consumed in large amounts, sugar does not only lead to obesity, but also to other diseases such as diabetes and heart problems. While many of us might avoid pouring a spoon of sugar in our coffees or teas, we might not be aware that sugar can also be hidden in numerous other products. For many countries, this looks like the last resort solution for reducing the consumption of the product, as they once did with cigarettes when they raised their prices.

This epidemic is constantly sustained by major food and drinks corporations and their advertisements. Sugary drinks are particularly problematic, since their sweet taste can become addictive and there are not many such drinks on the market that do not contain sugars. Sugary drinks are to blame for early diabetes cases and child obesity. However, the main issue is that consumers are not even aware of the incredibly high levels of sugar found in sodas.

When this news reached the major corporations mentioned earlier, they started persuading governments to rethink the change. They have come up with a list of arguments, including the fact that people will not be able to afford the products they love and employees will lose their jobs. Their anger will be turned against the products and their manufacturers and not against the governments that took the measure. However, their true reason stays the same: they do not wish to lose their profit, regardless of the sickening of entire nations.

Corporations that create sugary products have demanded official studies to prove that increasing the sugar tax will truly have beneficial consequences. While it does sound reasonable, there are already several countries that have adopted the measure and have obtained positive results: Belgium, France, Hungary and Scandinavian countries. Therefore, such studies are pointless.

Limiting a person’s intake of sugar is truly a challenge nowadays, since most products we find on the shelves contain it in various forms. Indonesia, India and Philippines are already working on laws for increasing sugar taxes for better health. For the sake of all people in the world, we can only hope that other governments will take the same measure and thus fight against the greedy corporations.

Image Source: Onnit Academy