Iranian President, not pleased by American Presidential Candidates

Iranian President, not pleased by American Presidential Candidates

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is the latest state leader to chare his opinion on the American election. More precisely, on its candidates. On Sunday, during a speech held in Ark, the Iranian President declared that he is not pleased at all with how things are going in the American presidential run. According to him, neither of the two candidates, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, are fit for the White House. He deemed the election as a “choice between bad or worse”. This was the first time that the Iranian President publicly shared his opinion on the matter.

Bad or worse?

Hassan Rouhani said that he does not have any preference in the election. He also addressed his fellow countrymen and asked everyone if what they want is a democracy like the one the United States has. He was referring to the presidential debates between Trump and Clinton, and the way they attacked and mocked each other. Critics have said that their approach was not very presidential, especially Trump’s.

The Iranian President went on and criticized the American democracy system even further. According to him, even if America is democratic for over 200 years, the country lacks morality in all its forms and shapes.

The candidates talked about Iran too

Iran has also been in the center of some discussions by both Trump and Clinton, during their campaigns. Trump deemed the country’s nuclear program as “terrible”, while Hillary defended it. But she agreed that Iran is violating some U.N. Security Council rules. She was talking about their missile program. Also, Clinton said something about the way Iran still has unfinished some business with Israel and how it is backing some terrorist groups.

One interesting and daring thing which Donald Trump has said was that he would start shooting Iranian boats if they rudely intervened in the business of the U.S.’s ships. He has also said that he would end the accord if he will become president of the U.S. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader, responded that he will be happy to do so and follow his example.

An election of their own

In May 2017, Iran is going to hold its own presidential election. Hassan Rouhani can candidate for a second term. He will be up against the conservatories who do not agree with his visions. According to them, the nuclear deal did absolutely nothing for the economy of the country.

Last year, the Iranian President signed tis nuclear accord with the United States and the other world powers. It was intended to lift sanctions and to put Iran back at the big table of politics. Now, it looks like that was not the case.

All in all, the United States and Iran are not in good spirits right now. But these subliminal attacks are not doing anything good for both countries. The United States are dealing with their own election right now, and while voices from the outside could be heard, it does not mean that a negative opinion will change anything. On the contrary. Donald Trump is still in the running, and if he somehow wins it all, Iran will not be in a good position.

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