Iraqi Forces have broken through Mosul ’s Frontline

Iraqi Forces have broken through Mosul ’s Frontline

The Iraqi special forces have broken through ISIS-held Mosul ’s frontlines. According to reports, they have encountered snipers, landmines and blocked roads as they approached the city more and more. According to a spokesman, the troops have not suffered any losses. But many ISIS soldiers have been killed.

The troops entered Mosul ’s outskirts

On Tuesday, the Iraqi forces entered Mosul’s outskirts for the first time since 2014, when the city was taken by the Islamic State. Now, they are the closest they have been since the launch of the operation to liberate the city, which started two weeks ago.

But according to experts, the fact that the forces managed to approach and will most likely soon enter Mosul, will start the most gruesome fighting yet. Supposedly, the soldiers will fight their way street by street, even house by house. Commanders are saying that their plan is to catch the ISIS forces in the middle. The problem is that they have brought innocent civilians, especially women and children into the city. This makes experts think that the Islamic State’s plan is to use them as human shields. This worries everyone, as the number of casualties should not grow at all.

Civilians used as human shields

Wednesday was the 17th day of operation. It involves 50 000 fighters, among them being Kurdish Peshmerga fighters and Sunni Arab tribesmen. On Tuesday, the troops managed to captured the state TV building in Kukjali.

A spokesman for the Counter Terrorism Service revealed that the troops have liberated a very important area of the city. The main gate of the eastern Mosul. Reportedly, the ISIS soldiers fought very hard but in the end lost. Many of them were killed and the Iraqi troops liberated the area relatively fast.

The Special Adviser of the UN Secretary-General on the Prevention of Genocide condemned the Islamic State’s ignorance and disrespect towards the human rights. He also said that using human shields is the highest form of cowardness and that they should be taught a hard lesson. Also, they must be held responsible for the many crimes committed.

The closest they have ever been to liberating Mosul

Meanwhile, the Turkish military has moved tanks from Ankara towards the cities closest to the Iraqi borders. This is reportedly its closest position to Mosul. They will use the tanks to fight ISIS too.

Iraqi forces are closest they have ever been to Mosul. They have taken control of the ISIS-occupied village of Gogjali. This is the last stop before entering the big city, the last urban bastion of the Islamic State. They would have taken Gogjali quicker had it not been for the presence of 20 000 civilians in the area, who were used as human shields. Also, for the many improvised explosive devices which made their mission more difficult.

All in all, specialists predicted right when they said that the process of liberating Mosul would last weeks, even months. But no matter how long it will last, it is important that the operation succeeds and ISIS is obliterated from the world, once and for all.

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