Is Chipotle the Victim of Bioterrorism Attacks?

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According to a recent report, the burrito-chain may be the victim of terrorism warfare because of its anti-GMO policy.

A recent opinion piece from an alternative media website got us recently ponder on whether Chipotle is the victim of bioterrorism attacks staged by the biotech industry in response to the burrito chain’s years-long efforts to cleanse genetically modified ingredients from its menus.

In recent months, Chipotle was hit by a strange series of unfortunate events. First there was a monster scandal about its burritos being contaminated with a norovirus in California, next a salmonella outbreak followed in Minnesota and an E.Coli contamination in Washington and Oregon. Recently, the norovirus hit once more, this time in Boston, and more E Coli followed.

But the author of the article believes that there is an explanation to all these incidents: the biotech industry is angered by Chipotle because it promotes non-GMO foods, so it now retaliates by deliberately ‘planting’ E. Coli in the chain’s raw ingredients.

The author bases his assumptions on CDC reports that showed several of the E. Coli outbreaks were triggered by an extremely rare genetic strain. Plus, the author mentions other ‘sleazebag tactics’ employed by the biotech industry to silence its critics.

Additionally, the author notes that Dr. Oz is a collateral victim of the ‘food mafia’ because he advocated for GMO labels on food that was genetically altered. According to the report, investigators hired by Dr. Oz found that people behind the attacks targeting him in the media earlier last year were biotech industry representatives.

The report goes on and mentions some malicious tactics that are employed by the industry against anti-GMO activists. The most popular is falsely reporting bomb threats to venues where anti-GMO protesters plan to gather. But the most subtle is bioterrorism against food companies that promote clean food.

“And yes, this includes acts of bioterrorism against Chipotle,”

the reports reads.

The author also encourages the burrito chain’s top management to request a federal investigation into the matter to identify the people that try to sabotage its anti-GMO campaign. He adds that biotech companies hired people to place genetically altered strains of E.Coli in its food to destroy both its image and finances.

So far, the CDC declined to comment on the article, while Chipotle has yet to respond. Some analysts said that the claims in the report are misplaced and exaggerated. They believe that the source of Chipotle’s food safety troubles may be its local suppliers of fresh produce.  Or is it?
Image Source: Wikimedia