Is Life in Outer Space Possible?

"Is Life in Outer Space Possible?"

There are chances of life existing on other planets.

With the constant development in technology and science, we begin to wonder – Is life in outer space possible? Given how infinite the Universe is, researchers are quick to state that the odds of life existing on other planets are high. So when can we move up there?

For the most part, life consists of liquid water. Thus, a planet has to be neither too cold nor too hot in order to sustain life. Another aspect would be the crucial magnetic field and mandatory atmosphere. In the case of the Earth, both of them help protect it from radiation caused by the Sun. The magnetic field keep us at safe from the solar wind as it deflects it. Because water and gases absorb harmful solar radiation from the Sun, the atmosphere protects us from ultraviolet-light.

Scientists have been studying planets for more than half a century in the hopes of finding such a discovery. Venera 4 is the first spacecraft to land and send data from a planet other that the Earth. In was launched in 1967 by the Soviet Union. Its findings haven’t brought positive results for researchers. Venus has a surface temperature so hot that could melt everything, even led.

Opportunity, NASA’s rover, is set on discovering if there are any chances of sustaining life on Mars. Unfortunately, we won’t be living on the Red Planet either. Mars’s atmosphere is too thin, and it cannot protect the planet from the harmful Sun radiations.

Even though there are little chances we will be moving on the known planets, scientists have hope. The discovery of a vast number of planets has increased the optimism of the researchers. In the last 20 years, thousands of exoplanets have been discovered. It might just be that there is life on one of these planets set outside our solar system. It is possible for the smaller exoplanets to harbor life, because their surface is solid.

The Kepler mission, launched by NASA in 1997, has found a planet that might just fit the bill – Kepler-452b. So chances of life outside the Earth are pretty high. However, no real proof has been given.

Is life in outer space possible? There are chances, indeed. But it is also a fact that there are over 100 billion stars in the Universe. Will we ever find our candidate?  Before preparing our suitcase for moving out in space, we should take better care of the planet that provides us with everything we need in order to survive.