Is Your Email Safe from Russian Hackers?

"Is Your Email Safe from Russian Hackers?"

Is it just a matter of time until the potential big digital attack will affect you too?

Are you confident that your accounts are clear from unwanted eyes? Is your email safe from Russian Hackers? Big email service providers such as Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail have become victims of cybernetic attacks. Russia’s accounts have been hacked as well. Millions of users’ passwords and usernames have been exposed so far.

The founder of Hold Security, expert Alex Holden, has stated that over 270 million accounts have been exposed. The researchers at Hold Security discovered these stolen accounts when coming across a Russian hacker who calls himself “The Collector”. Holden brags that it was the hacker who revealed himself directly by trying to sell a copy of the data for as little as $1. Hold Security’s team although refused to pay the money, was given the information for free in exchange for good reviews on the hacker. Since then, the team examined that data. They revealed that it contains almost 300 million unique records. All email providers affected by the attacked have been alerted.

And we are not talking only about email addresses. It has been reported that usernames and passwords of that belong to the employees of important American retail and banking companies.

The companies involved in this big data breach have not released any details so far. It is not even known if all countries are targeted or just some specific ones.

In the scenario that the stash of data is expired, it might not present a security threat. In another scenario, in which the data is new, the accounts could be at great risk. has declared that records are repeating, usernames having multiple passwords. The email provider hasn’t found combinations of usernames and passwords that could match existing accounts.

Despite millions of accounts being hacked, the percentage of those compromised is relatively small. Compared to the existing accounts worldwide, that is.

Although it might not be such a big attack at it was believed in the first place, it would be a good idea to change your password anyway. Because is your email safe from Russian hackers? Or is it just a matter of time until the potential big digital attack will affect you too?

At the moment, Yahoo, Google, and even Microsoft are discussing the issue with Hold Security and conducting their own investigations.