Ivanka Trump Booed After Calling Her Father ‘Champion’ for Women

Ivanka Trump Booed After Calling Her Father ‘Champion’ for Women

During the W-20 summit in Germany, Donald Trump’s eldest daughter Ivanka was booed by the audience when she praised her father’s policies and called him a “champion” for women. Ivanka made the remarks Tuesday at a women’s panel in Berlin where she was invited to by the German chancellor Angela Merkel.

Ivanka Trump’s Remarks Get Strong Reaction from the German Audience

The First daughter explained at the event her role in her father’s Cabinet when a German reporter asked her whom she is representing as America’s first daughter: her father, the American people, or her business.

Ivanka replied that she did not represent her business, but the role of the first daughter is quite new to her. She acknowledged that she is still learning, so it is too early to answer that question. She also described President Trump’s First 100 Days in office as a “remarkable” and “incredible journey.”

The German audience became restless when the president’s daughter brought up the paid leave issue and tried to depict her father as a champion of American women. She underlined that the U.S. is the only developed nation that doesn’t have a paid leave policy for women.

Ivanka added that her father has been pushing for the issue since the primaries.

He’s been a tremendous champion of supporting families and enabling them to thrive,

Ivanka had said before the crowd started to boo her.

Merkel wanted to know Ivanka’s response to her dad’s critics that claim he cannot be an “empowerer of women” because of his controversial past. Ivanka replied that the thousands of female employees that worked for her father for decades are solid proof that Trump believes a woman can do a job as well as a man can.

The first daughter said that Trump encouraged her and helped her thrive. She also said she is a feminist, but she thinks feminism should mean social, economic, and political equality for both men and women. Ivanka admitted that many women feel excluded especially when the deviate from a set course in society. An open discourse where people can respectfully disagree with one another could fix that, Ivanka added.

Ms. Trump said that women should support one another and remain inclusive. They shouldn’t resort to labels such as feminism because labels tend to be exclusionary of others, the president’s daughter noted.

Ivanka’s Response

After the meeting, Ivanka was asked about the audience’s disrespectful reaction. She replied “politics is politics,” and added that she is “used to it.” She pointed out that the most important thing should be the ability to engage in a dialog where it is perfectly fine for people to hold different viewpoints and express their feelings about an issue without fear of being labeled or excluded.

And I think that’s how progress is made,

Ivanka told reporters.

In March, President Trump endorsed “paid family leave” for new parents, in a bold move for a GOP politician. The president didn’t say “paid maternity leave” which he promised on the campaign trail. He said paid family leave which includes new fathers.

Democrats are now pushing for a 12-week paid family and medical leave through a proposed bill they introduced earlier this year – The FAMILY Act.
Image Source: Wikimedia