Ivanka Trump and Husband to buy Six-Bedroom House in Washington

Ivanka Trump and Husband to buy Six-Bedroom House in Washington

People familiar with Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, reported that the couple might have finally found their dream house in Washington D.C. It is no secret that Donald Trump ‘s daughter wants to move, together with her family, in a place close to her father. The house is in the Kalorama part of Washington, just around the corner from president Barack Obama’s new house.

A six-bedroom mansion

The mansion reportedly has six bedrooms and its previous owner was a Latvian financier who supposedly had some investments in Russia. His name is Dan K. Rapoport and his wife’s is Irina. Ivanka’s husband, Jared Kushner, has been a very important part of Trump‘s presidential campaign. He is expected to continue his journey and become one of the president-elect’s most important advisers. This recent move only proves that both her and her husband are planning to remain at Trump‘s side and maybe become important players in his administration.

The house was recently renovated and it reportedly sold in December for $5.5 million. It is still unclear however if they were the buyers or if Ivanka and Jared will rent the house from another owner. While the deal is most likely private, their future neighbors have been talking about Ivanka and her husband’s move. They include ambassadors and important Washington people. After the Obama family chose to rent a nine-bedroom house in the same neighborhood, now it seems like there is another presidential couple in town. Ivanka and Jared have three children together and they need space for all of them.

A new pair of presidential neighbors

Even if on Wednesday neither Ivanka nor her husband were seen around the house, workers and painters were all over the place. They were probably making some last minute changes. Many reporters gathered in front of the house maybe hoping to catch a glimpse of the two. Their new home is reportedly just two miles away from the White House too. According to some residents, Obama’s new house is just around the corner from Ivanka’s. The Secret Service reportedly took care of the renovations. It will also build a security checkpoint before the Obama family moves in.

The house is symmetrical and its original designer was D.C. architect Waddy Wood. However, architect Christian Zapatka recently renovated and expanded it at the current 6,870-square-feet size. It is a three stories house, very elegant and also sophisticated. The mansion has a big central hall and around it there are dining rooms and living rooms. It also has a porch and a stone tiled terrace. It is decorated with massive French doors and a glass staircase. Some of the bedrooms have fireplaces and walk-in closets. Another terrace opens in a smaller backyard. The lower floor is a partial underground one with a big garage for two cars.

All in all, it seems like Ivanka Trump and her husband are serious about moving to Washington D.C. They really want to be closer to the president-elect Donald Trump. They will most probably be valuable advisers for his administration and it is only normal for the situation to be like this.

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