Ivanka Trump supports Dad with Child Care Policy

Ivanka Trump supports Dad with Child Care Policy

On Tuesday, presidential candidate Donald Trump unveiled a series of child care policy proposals. Their purpose is to make child care more bearable, financially speaking, for parents who do not earn very much.

Trump was joined by his daughter Ivanka (who supposedly helped with the child care policy, as she is a working mother). The idea is that this policy would allow families with an income lower than $500 000 to deduct their child expenses. He also talked about some tax-free accounts which he is going to use for child care and enrichment activities.

“For many families in our country, childcare is now the single largest expense — even more than housing. Our plan will bring relief to working and middle class families.” said Trump.

One may see these ideas as a way for Trump to rebound with women voters. His recent behaviors made women angry. One might even call him a misogynist. To remind you, he said about a female reporter who asked him some difficult questions that she was “menstruating” and that was the reason for it. He also called his GOP opponent, Carly Fiorina “too ugly to be elected”.

Ivanka intervenes

Before her father’s speech, she explained how this issue of child care has been in her mind for a long time. She said that she always wanted to act and now she has the chance, by helping her father. Other four female Republican congressman showed their support for the child care policy proposals by stepping on stage with Trump and his daughter.

Ivanka also mentioned to some reporters the fact that she is very passionate about this whole child care policy and that she cannot wait to see it come to life.

Trump’s plan

According to the National Association of Child Resource and Referral Agencies, the average cost of daycare in the U.S. reaches $11 666. Trump’s child care policy will not cancel the child care tax (depending on the number of children) but it will make child care expenses deductible. This deduction will apply only to families who have an income of less than $500 000.

The exact cost of this child care policy has not been revealed by neither Trump or his campaign men. What they did say was that the cost of the program will be covered by eliminating fraud in the unemployment insurance program.

Hillary’s plan

What Donald Trump is talking about now, Hillary Clinton addressed a few months ago. It is not exactly the same proposal, but it covers the same problem. In early 2015, she was just at the beginning of her campaign. Back then she talked about a 12-week paid maternity leave. She specified that her program would be paid for by raising the taxes for the top earners. This way, nothing will affect normal businesses and small ones.

But the candidate is skeptic about the possibility of achieving such a plan as the paid family leave. At least at the moment and in the current situation. In 2014, she declared that, politically speaking, this might not work at the moment.

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