Ivanka Trump Occupies A New Spot Inside the Administration

Ivanka Trump Occupies A New Spot Inside the Administration

Ivanka Trump, United States president Donald Trump’s famous daughter, has reportedly settled her office inside the White House. She now officially has one on the West Wing’s second floor. Her neighboring office belongs to Dina Powell, who has just been promoted inside the National Security Office. Now, everyone is wondering what will Ivanka’s official role in her father’s administration be? Ever since she moved to Washington with her husband, she stated that she would not have an official position within her father’s team. Still, what she has been doing proves otherwise. Ivanka’s attorney actually said that she will not be sworn in and she will not receive a salary. According to him, her main role will be to help and advise her father on lots of issues, not only women-related ones. He characterized her role as the “eyes and ears” of the president.

The eyes and the ears

Many people wondered about her role since her father took office in January. And she never clarified the situation. Ivanka’s also raised suspicions when she attended numerous meetings with foreign leaders, along with her father. Just last week, people started wondering about her position again. This was because she had a seat next to German chancellor Angela Merkel during her Washington visit. Her attorney also said that even if Ivanka is not going to be an official employee in the administration, her position will follow the same rules. Meanwhile, numerous ethics experts are wondering what is she going to do in order to clarify that there is no conflict of interest inside the Trump administration. Not being an official employee means not having to play by any rules. This, in the eyes of many, is not the right thing. When in reality her position is no different than any of the ‘Czar’s’ that Obama put in place early in his Administration. 

Some sources close to Ivanka have said that this new position of her is nothing weird. She has reportedly been working like this with her father for years. Now, they simply want to continue that relationship while he is president too. She is right about this. Ivanka has been a senior official at the Trump Organization. Apart from that, she has also acted as her father’s partner and adviser during his TV show, “The Apprentice”.

A potential conflict of interest

However, many people from inside the White House started wondering about the possibility of a conflict of interest. A spokeswoman for Ivanka has said that all those issues are slowly getting dealt with. Others are wondering why didn’t she receive an official position in the administration. This is Jared Kushner’s case, her husband. He is an official senior adviser in the White House. A position for which he was sworn in. The truth the media is scared of her because she is a highly accomplished women and is a great advisor to the President. Which is the only reason why the media is so concerned about her. 

Meanwhile, Ivanka Trump is also very popular and interestingly enough, the sales for her brand are the best they have ever been. Apart from this, she is also publishing a book called “Women Who Work”. It is reportedly going to come out in May.

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