Jamaica and Haiti prepare for Hurricane Matthew

Jamaica and Haiti prepare for Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew is setting his sights on Haiti and Jamaica. The storm packs 130-mph winds and it will reach the area after it passes through the Caribbean Sea. This is a storm which moves slowly and now it is about 300 miles away from Jamaica and Haiti. Both islands will face very strong rainfall starting Monday. After this, the hurricane is supposedly going to struck Cuba and it will reach Guantanamo Bay around Tuesday night. The National Weather Service reported that the hurricane is so strong that it could even become life-threatening. They specialists there warned people to start preparing to protect their lives and properties from the furious hurricane Matthew.

A brutal hurricane

On southern Haiti, the hurricane could bring 25 inches of rain. Even 40 inches on some isolated areas. After Monday night, the hurricane will arrive somewhere around the Tiburon Peninsula. The torrential rainfall could bring major floods and landslides across that entire area. Also, Haiti could be in grave danger because of its still poor infrastructure. After the 2010 earthquake, the country is still recovering. The 2010 disaster killed more than 200 000 people. Now, Haiti is still battling cholera, which killed 10 000 more people. Water systems especially will be at risk. A warning has been emitted for every foreigner in Haiti to leave as soon as possible. The airports are going to close once the storm closes in.

Jamaica prepares

Jamaica has also prepared for Matthew. The authorities have opened storm shelters for people. This will be the first great storm after hurricane Gilbert in 1988. A Jamaican minister stated that this hurricane is extremely strong and something that the country as not seen in years. A Jamaican survivor of hurricane Gilbert said that she has made every preparation necessary in order to keep safe for a few days. She filled her car, made some business arrangements and put sandbags around the windows. She even covered the computers in her office with plastic bags.

The Norman Manley International Airport near Kingston is going to close on Monday morning. The prime minister of Jamaica said that government workers should do everything possible to recover as quickly as possible. This way, the country’s economy will not suffer too much. He stated that if people and authorities do not prepare, lives will be lost and many properties destroyed.


But there are some people in Jamaica who put their fate in the hands of God. People of Port Royal, a small fishing village near Kingston said that they are going to close themselves in a church. They want to pray to God to keep them safe. A woman who will participate said that the authorities are always telling people to just leave. In 2014, hurricane Ivan killed around 14 people, but she said that she only lost the roof of her house. In her mind, nothing can touch her.

Cuba will be hit too

Next after Haiti and Jamaica will be Cuba. The storm will arrive there on Tuesday night. The main problem in Cuba is that many houses are very weak and they will most probably not withstand the hurricane. Hurricane Sandy killed 11 people four years ago in this area.

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