Comey’s Missteps That Will Come Back To Haunt Him

Comey’s Missteps That Will Come Back To Haunt Him

The House Intelligence Committee hearing, which happened on Monday, was meant as a way of answering all those questions which have been on everybody’s lips for some time. What is the president’s connection with Russia? Does the president even have a connection with Russia? Well, according to FBI director James B. Comey, there is indeed an investigation going on, regarding the Russian intervention in the 2016 presidential election. It also concerns the connections which some Trump aides might have had with Russian officials. Many news outlets have reported this investigation as being real, but, until now, nobody from FBI had confirmed it.

Most Important

The NSA and the FBI confirmed that not one vote tallied in any state was hacked by any foreign body. Repeatedly Democrats have shouted from the rooftops that the elections were hacked when the truth is “you lost.” The Democrats always like to place blame on others and would love to blame Russia. But they have only themselves and their failed policy. Of course, this doesn’t fit the mainstream media’s narrative they want delagitimize Trump instead place confidence in our elections. This is all because their beloved failed candidate Hillary Clinton lost.

Trump’s Wiretap Claims

Admiral Michael S. Rogers, director of the National Security Agency, joined James B. Comey at the hearing. They both talked about the recent hot topic around the White House. Meaning Donald Trump’s claim that former president Barack Obama wiretapped his New York office during the presidential campaign. They both completely dismissed the president’s series of tweets on March 4, in which he made these accusations. They did not offer a crystal-clear answer, preferring to avoid answering some questions or to offer vague responses. However, Comey did say that the Justice Department asked him to publicly confirm that, for the moment, there is no evidence whatsoever supporting the president’s claim. However, note that the NSA did not confirm they were spying on Trump. 

Another theory came into discussion. The one which states that Obama actually requested the help of a British spy agency called G.C.H.Q. They were supposedly the ones who spied on the president. Admiral Rogers responded that nobody knows anything about such a situation. Moreover, representative Adam Schiff even characterized those claims as being “nonsense” and “ridiculous”.

Comey Becomes A Political Commentator

James Comey and Michael Rogers talked about many issues during the hearing. Another interesting one was the theory that Russia helped Donald Trump become president by hurting Hillary Clinton’s chances. Everybody knows that Russian president Vladimir Putin never liked her very much. Comey admitted that this was the case because it is the natural definition: when you do not like someone at all you want their opponent, whoever that might be, to win. So, this is what Russia probably wanted to do. It is unclear if Trump succeeded because of them, but they surely helped him. This is unprecedented testimony why his Comey giving commentary about the political matters between countries. 

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