Japan‘s PM Shinzo Abe offers Condolences during Pearl Harbor Trip

Japan‘s PM Shinzo Abe offers Condolences during Pearl Harbor Trip

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor. While there, he offered his condolences to the many victims of the World War II attack, conducted by Japan. Barack Obama was also present there for the first time, as was Mr. Abe. During the attack from 75 years ago, more than 2 400 American people lost their lives.

“Sincere and everlasting condolences”

Shinzo Abe‘s visit at Pearl Harbor was another proof of his nation’s efforts to leave the horrors of the war behind and to make peace. This action comes at a time when many new challenges make their presence known, especially from China and North Korea. However, maybe the most important relationship of Japan is that with the United States. The United States is Japan‘s second biggest trading partner after China. Also, the two countries are tied by a treaty which says that the U.S. should defend Japan from any attack. However, with the recent election of Donald Trump, many became worried that this close relationship might be damaged. The president-elect even declared that Japan is more of a trade adversary which only benefits from the United States’ protection and gives nothing in return.

Shinzo Abe however, paid his condolences to the many victims of the 1941 Pearl Harbor attack. It is unsettling that a lot of victims are still captive there. Many of their bodies could never be rescued after the Japanese forces sunk the USS Arizona ship.

To the souls of the US servicemen who lie aboard the USS Arizona, to the American people, and all people around the world, I pledge that unwavering vow.

Those were the words of the Prime Minister. While there, he also praised the efforts made by the United States to reconnect with Japan after the devastation of the war. Let’s remember that in 1945, the United States responded and dropped two atomic bombs on Japan, at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. However, as many people expected, Mr. Abe did not apologize for the Pearl Harbor attack.

Donald Trump’s approach

As for what president-elect Donald Trump is going to do regarding Japan, it is still unclear. Still, one of his advisers, Ed Feulner, said that Trump clearly understands the relations between Japan and the United States. In consequence, he will respect them and continue to work closely together with the Asian nation.

As expected, China did not welcome very well Mr. Abe‘s visit at Pearl Harbor. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying reminded everyone that most of the World War II was fought on Chinese ground. Also, that Japan would do well to focus on more important matters and to see more clearly what really happened throughout history. Mr. Abe also expressed his condolences for the many American lives lost at Pearl Harbor back in April 2015, at a session of the U.S. Congress. Moreover, president Barack Obama also visited Hiroshima in May, this year, a visit which Donald Trump harshly criticized. Still, Mr. Abe was the first foreign leader who had the honor to meet the president-elect.

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