Sessions Under Fire Dems Attempt To Remove

Sessions Under Fire Dems Attempt To Remove

According to the Justice Department, attorney general Jeff Session met with a top Russian envoy in Washington twice last year. He is the same person who interacted with former national security adviser Mike Flynn, event which caused president Donald Trump to ask for Flynn’s resignation. The issue is somewhat similar with that of Flynn. Sessions failed to mention these meetings during his confirmation hearings. Moreover, he stated that he did not know about any interaction between Trump’s team members and the Russians. However, these events have been previously reported before. 

When Meeting Occurred

The name of the top Russian ambassador is Sergey Kislyak. Jeff Sessions reportedly had two separate meetings with him. One in July last year, at the Republican convention, and another one in September, in his office. At the time, Sessions was a member of the Senate Armed Services committee. Their meeting is not a coincidence because Sessions has always been a very strong Trump supporter. So, the two probably had a lot of things in common regarding their political views.

Sessions denies everything

On Wednesday, Jeff Sessions responded to the accusations through a statement. He strongly denied any involvement in any meeting of this kind. He also stated that all those allegations are completely false or invented. This statement did not stop Democratic lawmakers from asking for his resignation. However, even if Sessions does not want to admit, the issue is serious. Let’s remember that it was Kislyak’s connections with Russian spy matters that made Flynn resign from his post. Especially the fact that he failed to mention his discussions with the Russian ambassador. When he answered some questions about the issue, Flynn blamed his “faulty” memory.

Nothing special about the meetings

Now that the Justice Department has disclosed those discussions, the situation could trigger new calls from the Congress for the president to appoint a special counsel. This would need to investigate once again Russia’s involvement in the 2016 presidential election. Also, to determine if it had anything to do with its outcome. As part of his job as attorney general, Sessions is in charge of overseeing the FBI and the Justice Department. Both institutions have been conducting some investigations into Russia’s influence in the election. Sessions’ spokeswoman defended him and stated numerous times that there was nothing suspicious in their meetings. Also, that Sessions had more than 25 conversations with foreign officials and ambassadors when he was a member of the Armed Services Committee. Those meetings included officials from Britain, Korea, Japan, China and even Australia and Germany. So, there was nothing unusual in his meetings with the Russian ambassador.

All in all, it seems like this is all the Democrats have and after a rockstar Tuesday night they needed something. I would love to find out how many other Democrats met with foreign envoys and took money. Would the Democrats also like to open an investigation to the Clinton Foundation as well? 

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