Panic At Jewish Centers, Mass Threats, FBI is Clueless

Panic At Jewish Centers, Mass Threats, FBI is Clueless

Some Jewish Community Centers in both the United States and Canada became again targets for bomb threats, on Tuesday. At least thirteen such centers were evacuated during this third wave of threats which seem to only target the religious centers. These latest threats came between 10 a.m. and noon in reportedly eleven different U.S. states. The FBI has begun an investigation into the cause of these numerous threats.

The third wave of bomb threats

Fortunately, in a similar way to the other two waves of threats, this one was also deemed not real. However, the FBI has announced that they are investigating possible “civil right violations” which might have been connected with the bomb scares. The FBI did not offer any more details about the case, apart from that fact that it will start collecting evidence and gather facts in order to determine the nature of alerts. Reportedly, the Anti-Defamation League has been working closely together with the authorities and the Jewish communities in order to be prepared in case such alerts prove to be serious.

The Anti-Defamation League reportedly had a briefing with the FBI. During it, they discussed necessary measures for the avoidance of such threats. The league also said that their security training programs are going to extend with the help of the FBI and law enforcement agencies. CEO of ADL, Jonathan Greenblatt said that unfortunately, threats like these do not represent a novelty anymore. However, it is vital to prepare for the worst. This is the main reason of the FBI partnership. The people are the most important ones and everyone needs to make sure that they will be safe.

Not as big as the previous scares

Fortunately, the bomb threats from Tuesday were not as big as the previous two waves. On January 9, 16 such Jewish Centers in 9 states received such threats. Just nine days after that, 28 centers in 17 different states received the same treatment. People familiar with the issue have stated that the alert calls came from both robots and real people. A director of the Hewish Centers Association in North America said that the biggest concern they have is the anti-Semitism nature of those threats which keep on repeating. Authorities evacuated another center in Sylvania, Ohio, after a threat on Tuesday morning. Bomb-sniffing dogs and the Joint Terrorism Task Force immediately intervened and fortunately, they could not find anything suspicious.

The good news is that those apparently false alarms did not affect or injure anyone. However, thus does not mean that the people should not do anything. Maybe next time the threat will be real. Those anti-Semitic ideas behind such actions are extremely dangerous and can lead to serious consequences. Maybe the FBI’s investigation will finally reveal the reason behind those bomb threats which seem to go on and go for a few weeks. It is unusual for such threats to repeat so many times. This is exactly why the authorities have decided to prepare for the worst, in the situation of a real bomb attack. Let’s just hope that they are wrong and this will not be the case.

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