Judiciary Halts Trump…AGAIN!

Judiciary Halts Trump…AGAIN!

On Wednesday, just a few hours before it was supposed to go into effect, a federal judge from Hawaii blocked Donald Trump’s new travel ban. According to what US District Court Judge Derrick Watson wrote in his 43-page ruling, the state had thought that the ban would have been very successful because of some claims on religious discrimination. Apart from that, he stated that the new order was not able to pass the legal muster. After the judge’s ruling, which will affect the entire country, people and also refugees from six mainly-Muslim countries will be now able to come to the United States freely.

Donald Trump speaks

Also on Wednesday night, while he was at a rally in Nashville, president Donald Trump told the people what happened, characterizing it as “the bad, sad news”. The crowd seemed to have shared the president’s opinion, as they immediately started booing the judge’s decision. Trump said that this new order was a lighter version of the first one. He also stated that he would take the issue to the Supreme Court, if the situation will call for it. The president added that what the judge did, in many people’s opinion, was a “judicial overreach”.

The Trump administration announced the new travel ban earlier this month. It was, indeed, a softer version of the first one. This second ban would have blocked people from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen from getting into the United States. It was supposed to be for a temporary period of time: 90 days for travelers and 120 days for refugees. Interestingly enough, the administration decided to remove Iraq from the list of banned countries. Another difference was that the new ban was not going to affect people with green cards or visas. It also did not include a provision which initially offered priority to certain religious minorities.

The judge’s opinion

The Justice Department issued an official statement on Wednesday night. In it, it pledges to defend this new travel in courts. It also states that it strongly disagrees with the ruling of the federal judge in Hawaii. Initially, the first travel ban was also blocked by a federal judge, from Seattle. Last month, many other courts also blocked its implementation. Back then, the president chose to harshly attack that Seattle judge on Twitter for his decision. So, after many bumps in the road, the White House decided to rewrite the ban. The issue is that some of the people from the Trump administration made some statements which appear to have caused the ban’s grim fate.

For example, the judge referred to a TV interview of the president. In it, he states that he thinks the extreme Islamics hates the American people. Moreover, Watson also said that the differences between the two orders are not very prominent. Also, that his ruling may not last forever. He blocked it from taking effect, but it is just a temporary measure.

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