Julian Assange not sure about Russia’s Election Hacking

Julian Assange not sure about Russia’s Election Hacking

On Tuesday, president-elect Donald Trump stated in a Twitter message that his briefing regarding the Russian hacking issue was had been delayed until Friday. This represents just one more action which betrays Trump ‘s mistrust in the U.S. intelligence agencies. In that message, he also suggested that they just needed more time in order to build a better case. However, Trump is not the only one who has his doubts in what concerns Russia’s intervention in the presidential election. WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, who is currently hiding at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, shares his opinion.

WikiLeaks, the center of it all

Assange ‘s website, WikiLeaks, is the main player in this controversy. It was the one which actually published the many personal e-mails belonging to some important Democrats like Trump ‘s opponent Hillary Clinton and her chairman, John Podesta. In an interview for Fox News on Tuesday, Assange answered questions about this whole situation. More precisely, about whether or not their source for the e-mails was Russian. He confidently answered that the website did not receive the personal data from any Russian-related parties or individuals. Moreover, he said that he never even talked with Russian president Vladimir Putin, nor with president-elect Donald Trump. He also said that even a child could have accessed Podesta’s e-mail address because it was extremely simple to do so.

It is interesting that both of them are trying to undermine the U.S. intelligence agencies’ credibility in front of the American citizens. And both at the same time. Officials have recently concluded that Russian hackers were to blame for the leak which occurred during the presidential campaign. Moreover, the Obama administration just announced a series of sanctions for Russia. They include the removal of 35 Russian officials from the United States. Also, the punishment for some individuals or organizations which might have helped the hackers with any sort of sensitive information.

In three weeks-time…

In just three weeks, Donald Trump will officially become the president of the United States. And he seems to have some pretty interesting allies, like Assange and Putin. In the same interview, the WikiLeaks founder said that what the officials are trying to do is find a way to make Trump seem like an illegitimate president. Trump ‘s senior advisor Kellyanne Conway said almost the exact same thing last month. However, it seems like the intelligence officials are not the only ones who have their doubts regarding the legitimacy of the president-elect. The majority of the Democrats are on the same page too.

Some people familiar with the situation are saying that Russians used WikiLeaks as a propaganda weapon. A place where to display the information they stole. Moreover, that they are so good at hiding their involvement, that Assange might tell the truth. He actually believes the e-mails did not come from any Russian-related source. This is because he does not have any idea they were from. So, the situation is indeed complex and we will hear about it for quite some time. All in all, it will be interesting to find out Trump’s conclusions after Friday’s briefing.

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