Kanye West had a meeting with Donald Trump

Kanye West had a meeting with Donald Trump

On Tuesday, rapper Kanye West had a very interesting meeting with president-elect Donald Trump inside the Trump Tower in New York. This marked one of Kanye ‘s first public appearances after he was released from hospital, a few days ago. According to doctors, he suffered from a very serious case of exhaustion, together with dehydration. His wife, Kim Kardashian West, reportedly stood by his side all the time until he got better. Kanye also cancelled all the remaining shows of his Saint Pablo tour.

Long-time friends

After the 15-minute meeting ended, Donald Trump and Kanye West talked with the reporters gathered in the lobby of the Trump Tower. The president-elect talked very nicely of the rapper, telling everyone that he is a “good man”.  They are reportedly actually long-time friends and they have known each other for quite some time.

The always controversial Kanye West

Their meeting is very interesting because at last year’s Video Music Awards, Kanye West told publicly declared that he would run for president in 2020. Maybe he now wants some advice on how to win it? It is certain that the rapper is willing to work with Trump even if he said that politics does not interest him much.

During one of his concerts he said that he did not even vote. However, he mentioned that had he done it, his vote would have gone to Donald Trump. His wife on the other hand, is known to be an avid supporter of Hillary Clinton. She even attended a fundraiser of hers, along with her rapper husband and took a picture together with the Democratic nominee. This leads us to believe that maybe Kanye is not the most sincere person in the world. Or maybe he just did not want to support anyone, so he was impartial.

The purpose of the meeting

Still, what was actually the reason for which those two very controversial people met? After being harshly criticized on the Internet by almost everyone, Kanye West took to Twitter to explain his action. Also, the reason why he met with the president-elect. According to Kanye, he wanted to talk to Trump about the problem of multiculturality in the United States. This includes people who are bullied, the aggressive behavior of the police and the violent acts happening more and more often, including in schools and hospitals.

A 2024 run for Kanye?

Kanye also said that he wanted to talk with the president-elect himself and to listen to what his opinion was. This way, they might be able to work together in dealing with these pressing issues which are present all over the country right now. The rapper’s last tweet ended with a mysterious message which read “ #2024 ”. Could this be the year in which he will finally take part in the presidential election? Should we understand that 2020 is still too early and that he need more time to prepare?

All in all, it is still unclear what Kanye West’s intentions are, but we can expect anything from him. After all, a few years ago even Donald Trump said that he would never run for president and here we are. Never say never. America might have another black president sooner than expected.

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