Kanye West diagnosed with Psychosis. Remains in Hospital for Thanksgiving

Kanye West diagnosed with Psychosis. Remains in Hospital for Thanksgiving

Famous rapper Kanye West recently announced the cancellation of his tour. Six hours later, he was being handcuffed and taken into the UCLA Medical Center. Reportedly, he was hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation.

Medical emergency

According to a source, Kanye West (39 years-old) will remain in hospital to undergo treatment for sleep deprivation. He recently cancelled his Saint Pablo tour which was supposed to have 21 more dates. On Monday, he was taken to the hospital and he supposedly was not in a good place. Apart from sleep deprivation, he also suffered from exhaustion and extreme dehydration which, according to his doctor, led to a psychosis diagnosis. However, sources are saying that now the rapper is starting to come back to his senses and feeling better. Also, that Kanye understands the importance of getting professional help in a hospital in order to fully recover. It is a day by day process and West is reportedly making progress.

His wife is supportive

Now, news broke out that he might be spending Thanksgiving in the hospital. Still, his wife, Kim Kardashian West has been extremely supportive and never left his bedside. She even missed an event to stay with her husband at the hospital. Also, his family and friends are close and this is key to his recovery. Kim Kardashian has had her fair deal of trouble. On October 3 she was robbed of millions of dollars of jewelry in her apartment at the No Address Hotel in Paris. The reality-star was reportedly gagged and held at gunpoint by the robbers. Since then, she did not make any public appearance and stayed at home to recover from the huge shock.

A million-dollar loss

According to some reports, Kanye West lost around $30 million because he cancelled his remaining tour dates. Also, he is now in trouble because of the contracts he made for different venues and other important things which are a big part of an artist’s tour. However, things might not be so dark for the rapper. TMZ has reportedly found out that Kanye West actually had an insurance policy which was supposed to cover the costs if he was to get sick. According to sources, this policy will pay him the money he was supposed to earn from the remaining concerts. Also, it will cover all the costs of the cancelled shows. But there is a catch. If Kanye West’s reckless behavior will be proven to have caused his health problems, the insurance company can refuse to pay the money.

Long story short, it is a complicated situation. Moreover, Kanye West’s health problems are pretty serious. So serious that some people believe that this sleep deprivation motive is just a cover-up for something much more dangerous. And it supposedly has to do with Kaye’s mental sanity. Maybe too much success got to him? And maybe fame is not everything in life. Sometimes you just have to stop and take a deep breath. Kanye West must have forgotten to do so. Let’s hope he will get back to normal.

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