Kelly Calms Press Despite ‘Travel Ban’ Fury

Kelly Calms Press Despite ‘Travel Ban’ Fury

During a press conference, today at the Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kelly reported that 872 refugees will be allowed to enter the country. DHS officials stated that 72 hours into the ban 500,000 foreigners flew into the country since the travel ban.

Kevin McAleenan, acting commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), said more than 500,000 foreigners flew into the country in the 72 hours following Trump’s order. He said CBP agents granted waivers to 1,060 green card holders from the countries affected by Trump’s order, allowing them to enter the country after additional screening.

McAleenan said 75 waivers were granted to other visa holders, including people who had special visas intended for translators who have worked with the U.S. military in Iraq and Afghanistan. But he said 721 travelers were stopped from boarding planes in foreign countries headed for the U.S.

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said they will continue implementing Trump’s order, but stressed that they are abiding by emergency rulings issued by federal judges over the weekend.

“We are all will continue to be in compliance with judicial orders,” Kelly said.

During the press conference, Secretary Kelly stated that the 872 refugees coming to the US have been given waivers and were already on the list to enter the US. DHS officials also stated that all court orders were followed and those detained that were allowed legal counsel received it. Additionally, Secretary Kelly stated that also those that went through intense vetting were released.

For those that are upset about the ban ask yourself this Why wasn’t Kelly asked about this during his confirmation hearing? The Democrats seem to have dropped the ball again. The Democrats can put a protest together but they sure seem to have problems looking at the details.

Source: USA Today