Conway Attacked For the Stupidest Thing Ever and You’ll Will Not Believe Why!

Conway Attacked For the Stupidest Thing Ever and You’ll Will Not Believe Why!

The counselor of the United States president Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway, started an entire Twitter storm after a photo of her surfaced. In the image, she is sitting on her knees on the Oval Office sofa and she appears to be still wearing shoes. At the same time, the president was posing with the leaders of historically black colleges and universities. She also seems to be checking her phone in what many have called a strong sign of “disrespect”.

On the White House sofa

The image which shows Kellyanne Conway with her feet on the Oval Office sofa sparked some strong reactions from many people and those were mainly expressed on Twitter. The majority of people called Conway “disrespectful” in a similar way the entire Trump administration has been since taking office. In the image, the counselor of the president is sitting while many black people are standing up, waiting to greet president Trump. Some users have called this “white privilege”.

Comparisons with Obama

Many other users have immediately compared the way Conway was sitting on the sofa with the way former president Barack Obama was often seen with his feet upon the Oval Office desk. So, people started posting many such pictures of Obama during meetings when he was holding his feet on the desk. Apart from this, some said that it is indeed worrying that people care more about the way Conway was sitting than about the context of the meeting. Some defended her by stating that she was only trying to take a good picture.

Not the first critics

Conway was recently very criticized for trying to promote Ivanka Trump’s brand on television. Moreover, after the numerous mistakes she made, especially about the non-existent “Bowling Green Massacre”, she was supposedly aired off and the president banned her from appearing on television for a time. However, according to Conway herself, this was not the case. She stopped appearing because she needed to take care of her four children, searching for schools and houses.

All in all, it seems like the Trump administration keeps on being under fire for many, sometimes bizarre, reasons. This just shows the desperation of the left. You would never think that the people that created the ‘War on Women’ would attack a female with such hatred. Maybe this is exactly what she and Donald Trump’s team wants to do. But I don’t think for second that they thought Conway sitting on a couch would cause such disdain. 

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