Oopps! Kellyanne Conway Used ‘Alternative Facts’ To Defend Travel Ban

Oopps! Kellyanne Conway Used ‘Alternative Facts’ To Defend Travel Ban

During an interview on Thursday, president Donald Trump’s counselor Kellyanne Conway defended the travel ban. The issue here is that she went a little too far with her “alternative facts” statement and used as the example, a terrorist attack that never actually happened. She said that people do not know about it because the media outlets did not cover the incident. Of-course they did not. It was non-existent.

The mysterious case of the Bowling Green Massacre

At one point during the interview, Conway chose to defend the “Muslim ban” by making a reference to the “Bowling Green Massacre”. She said that two refugees from Iraq were the ones behind that supposed monstrous attack. They may have been something else, but not the Bowling Green attack, because there was never such a terrorist attack in Bowling Green. However, there is a chance that Conway was right about something, but she mixed things up a little. She was maybe referring to the two Iraqi citizens living in Bowling Green whom the authorities arrested back in 2011. They were eventually sent to federal prison for wanting to send money and weapons to Al-Qaeda. Those were supposed to be used for the killing of United States soldiers in Iraq.

Both Mohanad Shareef Hammadi (25) and Waad Ramadan Alwan (31) pleaded guilty at the time. They also admitted having been part of attacks against the United States troops in Iraq. Still, nothing happened in Bowling Green.

Critics and made up information

Democratic California Representative Ted Lieu had some harsh words to say and expressed his opinion on Twitter.

Conway also doubled down on what president Donald Trump said. She claimed that this ban on visas for people coming from seven mainly-Muslim countries is similar to the one which the Obama administration implemented. In 2011, Obama also banned visas for refugees coming from Iraq over a period of six months. Conway also declared that most people had no idea that Obama once did something similar.

However, according to The Washington Post, Obama never implemented a ban of refugees coming from Iraq. After two Iraqi terrorists were arrested in Kentucky, the administration said that the background checks on Iraqi refugees should be more intricate. So, there was never a point where the Obama administration actually banned the refugees from coming into the United States. Conway’s comments about the “Bowling Green Massacre” prompted people on Twitter to react and post mocking and funny messages about where they were at the time of the infamous non-existent massacre.

All in all, it seems like the Trump team’s efforts to minimize the impact of the travel ban are in vain. People do not seem to be fooled by false terrorist attacks and unverified information.

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