Kellyanne Conway Did Not Understand the Point of Protests

Kellyanne Conway Did Not Understand the Point of Protests

President Donald Trump’s counselor Kellyanne Conway said on Sunday during an interview that she did not see “the point” of so many protests in the United States and in the entire world on Saturday. She said that the president had an “uplifting” speech at his inauguration and that people should not act like this. According to her, they have absolutely no reason to worry. Conway also said that she discussed the protests with Trump. Moreover, she stated that nobody gave her a call to talk about the supposed issues, which would have been better than to go out in the streets.

Uplifting and unifying

Even if Conway deemed Trump’s speech as “uplifting and unifying”, many people considered it rather dark and on the contrary, quite divisive. She also criticized the celebrities present at the march, especially Madonna. Conway said that someone like her, who has a fortune worth of millions of dollars, should go and help the others. Better than talking on a stage and incite people to violence. Madonna was one of the celebrities who attended the Women’s March on Washington and who held a very fiery speech on stage. She used a very powerful language and swear words but one metaphor drew a lot of criticism. The singer stated that she thought multiple times of blowing up the White House. Of course, this was meant as a figure of speech because Madonna also said that people should not fight violence with violence.

Fighting for a cause

The tens of thousands of people who went out in the streets protested against Trump and his policies. For example, a woman who came to the protest from Flint, Michigan, said that that he should do something about the city’s issues with the water. According to her, things are so bad that she had to move outside it. She started having problems with her skin and her hair was falling out. However, like her, many other people are going to give Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt. This is happening mainly because there is nothing else possible right now.

Democratic leaders nowhere to be seen

Kellyanne Conway said that it was very suspicious that both leaders of the Democratic party, former president Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, did not come to the protests. She said that they were right there, congratulating and hugging president Donald Trump. Conway also responded to a new petition for Trump to release his tax returns. She said that the president is not going to do such a thing. After her comments, the website WikiLeaks posted a Twitter message in which they encouraged people to send them over if they happen to have the documents.

Moreover, many of the women who stated that Donald Trump sexually assaulted them also came to the march. According to them, nobody, especially the president, should have an inappropriate behavior towards women. Women are not toys, nor are they objects. They should enjoy respect and have their rights taken into consideration. All in all, the first day of the Trump administration was full of events and something tells us that it is going to be like this for quite some time.

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