Whacky Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem Surrounding Kim Jong-un’s Death

Whacky Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem Surrounding Kim Jong-un’s Death

The rather dubious death of the brother of the North Korean dictator continues to be shrouded in mystery. Now, it seems like things are becoming political because on Monday, the South Korean president, Hwang Kyo-ahn, accused the North Korean regime of orchestrating the killing of Kim Jong Nam. It may seem like a murder-mystery series you can watch on TV. It is, in fact, as real as it can get.

How it happened

On Monday last week, Kim needed to catch a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Macau, a city which is under Chinese administration. While he was at the airport, he felt someone grabbing him from behind and holding his face. He soon began feeling very dizzy but he managed to get some help from the customer assistance counter. They soon decided to call an ambulance and transport him to a hospital because he was not feeling well. When the ambulance reached its destination, Kim Jong Nam was already dead.

On Tuesday, the news of the North Korean leader’s estranged brother’s death broke. According to what the police initially said, Kim died suddenly. They also said that more details would be revealed after a post-mortem. According to reports, the name on his passport he was traveling with was Kim Chol. On Wednesday, South Korean officials deemed his death as being murder. Moreover, they placed the blame on North Korea saying that the country actually orchestrated everything. According to South Korea’s National Assembly Intelligence Committee, Kim died from poisoning and two Asian females were the main suspects.

The mystery deepens

A now famous image is the one of an Asian woman wearing a “LOL” shirt at the airport when Kim died. The image is from a close circuit security footage and the police detained her. Her name is reportedly Siti Aishah and she told the authorities that she thought she was part of a TV show prank. According to reports from the Indonesian police, the girl sprayed other people in a similar manner before reaching Kim Jong Nam. However, those other people did not die, which is at least suspicious. She reportedly received a few dollars for the job.

The authorities from Malaysia said that they wanted to conduct an autopsy. However, North Korean officials stated that they would accept it only with their officials there. The police chief from Malaysia said on Saturday that they do not need North Korea’s accept to conduct an autopsy because it is part of the investigation. Moreover, if Kim’s family would ask for it, they would be willing to do a second autopsy in order to reveal the exact cause of death.

On Sunday, the authorities were still looking for four other suspects. All of them are North Koreans, which adds to the suspicions that it was North Korea who orchestrated this whole situation. The South Korean president also stated that this incident only proves how far would North Korea go in order to keep its power and control over people. However, he also said that they are reckless and cruel. Moreover, that the whole world will see soon who is guilty of what happened to Kim Jong Nam.

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