Kim Kardashian sues media over reporting Fake Paris Robbery

Kim Kardashian sues media over reporting Fake Paris Robbery

Kim Kardashian is reportedly suing a website and its owner for some posts in which she is accused of faking her Paris hotel room robbery. The website also accused her of committing insurance fraud after the incident happened. On Tuesday, the reality star filed a federal lawsuit against this website. Some documents which were made public are saying that she was indeed the victim of a traumatic armed robbery in Paris. After she returned in the United States, she noticed that a gossip website is publishing articles. In those she is deemed a liar and a thief.

Kim Kardashian’s attorney explained that in those articles, she is accused (without any proven evidence whatsoever) of faking the robbery. Also of lying about the gun assault and of asking her insurance company to give her millions of dollars.

The articles

A cited article claimed to have clear evidence that Kim Kardashian and her mother Kris Jenner actually staged the entire robbery. This comes right after famous Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte did the same thing during the Rio Olympics in Brazil. He was actually caught and later admitted that he lied about the incident.

The following day, the same website put up another article in which they claim that the French police is actually suspecting Kim Kardashian of lying. And that she was the one who let the so-called robbers in. A third post reportedly claimed that Kim filed an insurance claim of $10 million. It was for the jewelry that was stolen from her hotel room. According to the lawsuit, the website wrote that if Kim did indeed fake the entire incident, she may have just committed federal crime. Which is a very serious situation that should not be toyed with.

The documents are also relating that Kim Kardashian actually called the website to obtain an apology and a retraction. The website could not be reached. The cited articles have been taken down for the time being.

What happened

On October 3, five armed men who were wearing police uniforms broke into Kim Kardashian’s hotel room at the Hôtel de Pourtalès, in Paris. According to reports, they tied and gagged her in the bathroom. Then they stole expensive pieces of jewelry, worth millions of dollars. Among the stolen articles was also her engagement ring from her husband, the famous rapper Kanye West. The reality star’s team told journalists that she was feeling well but was “badly shaken”.

While we all know how the media works nowadays, any decent person would think the Kim was indeed the victim of an armed assault. But there are also times when you need to get out of the shadows. And you are willing to do the most gruesome things to accomplish your goal. Kim Kardashian has been criticized countless times by many people. But one may find it hard to believe that she might have been capable of doing such a thing. But who knows? Everything is possible. After all, the show business industry is a giant bed in which the sheets have not been washed in a long, long time.

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