“I did Not Have Kremlin Meetings”, says Michael Cohen

“I did Not Have Kremlin Meetings”, says Michael Cohen

Michael Cohen, the lawyer of president-elect Donald Trump, said during an interview on Tuesday that he did not have any secret meetings with Russian officials in August last year. Moreover, he stated that he has never even been to Prague (where the alleged meetings supposedly took place).

Cohen denies everything

Michael Cohen also said during the same interview that every piece of information which has been going around these days is totally false. Moreover, even “absurd”. The previous evening, Cohen took to Twitter to prove to everyone that he has never been to Prague in his life. He posted a picture of a passport. When the interviewer asked him what was that picture aiming to deliver, he elegantly ended the conversation.

According to Cohen himself, for the entire month of August, he was in New York. Apart from August 23 to 29, when he was on a trip to Los Angeles with his son. This has actually been confirmed by some USC baseball sources. They stated that Cohen and his son were indeed on campus that day, looking around. Donald Trump called this entire situation a “political witch hunt”. So, the interviewer asked Cohen to compare these allegations to the many others which the president-elect made during his campaign, which targeted other people. For example, he once claimed that United States Senator Ted Cruz’s father had something to do with John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Cohen simply chose to say that he does not know about them and that he never made such allegations.

A mind-blowing dossier

As for what other Republicans think, they do not seem worried one bit. Or, at least, they do not want to show it. Another Republican official stated that the whole situation seems a bit “shady”. He also said that he does not think that anything serious is going to happen without some solid proof to back up such allegations.

This dossier which has been going around the Internet has started a wave of controversy and discussions. Many journalists, officials and Congress members reportedly knew of its existence since before the presidential election, but it only now came out for everyone to see. According to this document, which comes from an unknown source, many Trump aides and even Trump himself conducted secret meetings with Kremlin officials during the presidential campaign. They reportedly met in order to obtain information on his opponent, Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Moreover, the same source says that Donald Trump made some prostitutes destroy a bed at the Ritz-Carlton hotel. That bed was allegedly previously used by Barack and Michelle Obama during a trip. Supposedly, the whole incident is on video because the surveillance cameras caught it. Trump’s sex parties are reportedly described in this document. At these parties, the participants supposedly received bribe in order to keep quiet. Apart from these allegations, there are many others extremely serious facts which, if proven true, could have terrible repercussions. All in all, it will take some time before we will know exactly all the details and whether or not the allegations are true. If they are, it will be interesting to see how will this affect Donald Trump and his administration.

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